Vocational work with high school students

Профориентационная работа со старшеклассникамиDuring the period of study in high school to the future graduate, it is very important to understand and decide which way he wants to go in the future. Of course, this primarily depends on what the mindset is of the student, as well as his aptitudes, preferences and interests.

However, girls and boys must understand what kinds of careers they may be held, and what kind of work will bring them true satisfaction. To understand this question, it is necessary to repeatedly weigh the «pros» and «cons» and think very well.

Because of age differences a high school student can make a wrong career choice, which will certainly affect his later life. That this did not happen, parents and teachers must take active participation and to help children to decide on their destiny. With this purpose in most schools today held vocational guidance work with high school students, about which we will tell you in this article.

The program of professional orientation work with pupils in the school

Organization of professional orientation work with pupils in the school is carried out by the psychologist, the Deputy Director on educational work, class teachers and other teachers. In addition, it is not uncommon for Dating guys with certain professions and areas of activity involved parents and students.

Because such activities not allocated private lessons, many moms and dads the question arises how to conduct a career-guidance work in school. In most educational institutions lectures, games and activities for career guidance are held within class hours intended for the decision of organizational questions.

Of course, any such events is best done in the form of business game that will interest children and will demonstrate them what you are trying to convey adults. Also prevalent various tests, group discussions, modeling of situations and ideas. Although seniors and consider themselves adults, yet we should not forget that they are children, so long lectures can be confusing and will not bring the desired result.

The purpose of vocational guidance of parents and teachers in the school is as follows:

  • help children to decide on their own preferences and highlight that for them the most interesting;
  • to adequately assess the physical and psychological abilities of the pupils;
  • to study the existing labour market of the profession from different points of view;
  • Профориентационная работа со старшеклассникамиto provide children with comprehensive information about the situation on the labour market today, to highlight the most popular and highly paid profession;
  • to create a positive attitude to work in General.

As a rule, the result of such events the vast majority of children by the end of the school understands what they want to do in the future and consciously choose a school to receive professional education.


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