Bonjour — what is this program?

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The article below discusses the following issues relating to Bonjour: what is it and what does can I remove this program how to download and install Bonjour (if it took that may suddenly happen after it is removed).

That program Bonjour on Windows, found in «Programs and features» on Windows, the Bonjour Service (or «Bonjour») in the services or as mDNSResponder.exe in the process, and then asked users, most of them distinctly remember that nothing of the kind was established.

I remember that I was first confronted with the presence of Bonjour on my computer couldn’t grasp where it came from and what it is, after all, always very attentive to what is established (and mean to try to install my load).

First of all, to panic: Bonjour is not a virus or something like that, and, as Wikipedia tells us (and it really is), a software module for auto discovery of services (or rather, the devices and computers on the local network), used in the latest versions of the Apple operating system OS X, the implementation of the Zeroconf network Protocol. But there remains the question of what this program does in Windows and how did it get there.

Why do I need Bonjour in Windows and where it comes from

VIA Apple Bonjour, and the relevant services typically get on the computer when installing the following products:

  • Apple iTunes for Windows
  • Apple iCloud for Windows

That is, if you have installed on the computer something of the above, Windows will automatically appear and the program in question.

At the same time, if I’m not mistaken, once this program is extended with other products from Apple (I think I first encountered her several years ago, after installing Quick Time, but now Bonjour in the kit not installed, also, this program was included Safari browser for Windows, now not supported).

Why do I need Apple Bonjour and what does it do:

  • iTunes uses Bonjour to find shared music (Home Sharing), AirPort devices and Apple TV.
  • Additional applications listed in the Apple help (which on this subject have not been updated — the detection of network printers with Bonjour support alerts, and the discovery of the web interfaces of network devices that support Bonjour (as a plug-in for IE and as a function of in Safari).
  • Plus, this was used in Adobe Creative Suite 3 for detection «services, manage network assets». Don’t know whether current versions of Adobe and the SS what is «Service control network assets», in this context, I assume that this refers to either online storage or Adobe Version Cue.

I’ll try to explain everything that is described in the second paragraph (I can not vouch for the accuracy). As far as I could understand, Bonjour, using a multi-platform network Protocol Zeroconf (mDNS) instead of NetBIOS, detects network devices that support this Protocol.

This, in turn, makes it easier to refer to them, and when you use the browser plug-in — faster go to settings, routers, printers, and other devices with a web interface. How this is implemented — not seen (from the information that I found, all devices and computers Zeroconf available at network_name.local instead of the IP address, and the plugins probably somehow automated search and selection of these devices).

Can I remove Bonjour and how to do it

Yes, you can remove Bonjour from your computer. Will this all work as before? If you do not use the functions described above (share music over a network, Apple TV), it will be. Possible problems — alert iTunes that he didn’t have Bonjour, but usually all of the commonly used user functions will continue to work, i.e. to copy music, backup your Apple devices you can.

One controversial question is whether to sync iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi. Then I check, unfortunately, can not, and this information varies: some information suggests that for this Bonjour is not required, part is that if you have problems with syncing iTunes over wifi, the first thing you should install Bonjour. The second option seems more likely.

Now about how to uninstall Bonjour — in the same way as any other Windows program:

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  • Go to control Panel — Programs and features.
  • Select Bonjour and click «Remove».
  • Here it is necessary to consider one detail: if Apple Software Update will update iTunes or iCloud on your computer, then during the upgrade you have installed Bonjour again.

    Note: it may be that the program Bonjour is installed on your computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod you’ve never had, and Apple software on the computer you are using. In this case, we can assume that it came to you by chance (for example, set each child or similar situation) and if it is not needed, just uninstall all the Apple programs in «Programs and features».

    How to download and install Bonjour

    In situations when you have uninstalled Bonjour, and then it turned out that this feature is needed for those functions that you use in iTunes, on Apple TV or for printing on printers connected to the Airport, you can use one of the following options to reinstall Bonjour:

    • Delete iTunes (iCloud) and re-installed by downloading from the official site You can also simply install iCloud if you have iTunes installed, and Vice versa (i.e. if you have installed only one of these programs).
    • You can download the installer of iTunes or iCloud from Apple’s official website, then unzip this installer, for example, by using WinRAR (click on the installer, right-click — «Open with WinRAR». Inside the archive you’ll find file Bonjour.msi or Bonjourmsi — this is a separate Bonjour installer that you can use for installation.

    In this task of explaining what is program Bonjour on the Windows machine I believe is made. But, if you suddenly have questions — ask, I will try to answer.

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