How to cope with heartburn during pregnancy

With such unpleasant phenomena as heartburn, faced by almost every expectant mother. Typically, heartburn appears in the second half of pregnancy after 20 weeks. Some women complain of its appearance almost from the beginning of pregnancy, while others do not face any heartburn at all.

Как справиться с изжогой во время беременности


1. First of all, if during pregnancy began to feel heartburn, you should consult with your doctor who will probably give advice and prescribe medication.
You should also take care of prevention. There are some General rules, observing that it is possible to prevent the occurrence of heartburn.

2. Small portions. Increasing size of the uterus raises the internal organs, squeezing them. The usual amount of food is too large and its surplus, together with the gastric juice flows back into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation, nauseam, sometimes even vomiting and pain.

3. Careful selection of products. Acidic foods, as a rule, leads to increased gastric acidity and, consequently, to the appearance of heartburn. You should also avoid eating large quantities of chocolate and other sweets, green tea on an empty stomach, the appearance of heartburn could trigger the use of strong black tea, fatty or fried foods.

4. Tendency to the appearance of heartburn occurs in the second half of pregnancy, also due to the weakness of the round muscles, including the sphincter and of the stomach, and now he can not fully close. Thus the gastric juice enters the esophagus. Resting, you should choose a body position in which the housing is raised, that is, position reclining. Under the back you can put a couple of pillows or a folded blanket roller.

5. To neutralize the acid can some foods: raw carrots, milk, roasted sunflower seeds. Good to always have a bottle of non-carbonated alkaline mineral water. Some relief can also bring hot water, drunk in small SIPS.

6. Such radical means like tobacco ashes diluted in water or baking soda, should be abandoned.
Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, and the body is prone to behave unpredictably. Sometimes to help cope with heartburn completely unexpected products, which, logically, should increase heartburn. For example, some women find that heartburn helped them apples, tangerines, grapefruit and so on.

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