The suit on may 9 for a boy

Костюм на 9 мая для мальчикаIn order for children from an early age, knew and was proud of the history of his country, mom’s may 9 parade sew children’s soldier costumes for boys. Wearing such an unusual outfit for him, the child feels himself a hero, the same as was his great-grandfather.

What is the costume for the boy on may 9?

To the child to join the nationwide celebration will need a bit – a soldier’s blouse, riding breeches, and pilotka. If the mother knows how to do needlework, then she’ll easily sew kids costume for a boy on may 9, using a simple pattern.

The tunic is easiest to sew, it’s just a straight shirt. But if you want to give the image more similarities with the original soldier’s costume of the great Patriotic war, it is possible to sew the shoulder straps with the stars. Such accessories should be purchased in stores for needlework or sewing goods. Very nice and natural look tunic with simulated overhead chest pockets.

Not the last role and an army belt with a large buckle, also embellished with a star. It can be made from a piece of leather, imitation leather or buy ready-made. But the old ramen ‘ husband or father, remaining with the army is not suitable – it is too bulky and heavy for a small child.

Required materials

So, to make the military costume for boy on may 9 will need first of all to visit the fabric store.Костюм на 9 мая для мальчика It was there that sells all-natural cotton material khaki – just what you want to wear for the Victory parade. You need to be cut from half to two meters, depending on the age of the child. Also in this store there is certainly satin ribbons of St. George coloring pages – the symbol of Victory day – just 15-20 cm.

Stars on the epaulets and his cap, and a polished buckle and the buttons are already in their seats, but to make the image complete, you need military boots. Of course, to buy such a smaller copy of the canvas military shoes is unlikely, but find something similar quite real. The main thing that they were slightly higher than traditional boots and had a black color.

Attach the shoulder harness to the strap – and the little soldiers ready to go to the parade with their parents, will only live to purchase carnations to lay at the monument to the unknown soldier, which is in every village of the country. On the eve of the son should tell you what each holiday means 9 may make a child feel all the importance and poignancy of this day.


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