Discharge after sexual intercourse

Выделения после полового актаOften the reason a woman visits the gynecologist are the discharge after sexual intercourse. The pattern and coloring them can be very different. Let’s try to understand this situation and to name the possible reasons of those or other secretions in women after intercourse.

What can testify to highlight the bloody nature after sex?

It is worth noting that in themselves spotting observed almost immediately after intercourse, do not threaten the health of the woman. So, if a woman after making love notes in his underwear just a few small droplets of blood, it is likely their appearance caused by microcracks of the vagina, which often arise after a rough, passionate sex.

However, it should be said that some genital tract infections can manifest in the form of pink, and sometimes even bloody discharge after intercourse. Similar is observed for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, gardnerellez, and also in such inflammatory disorders as cervicitis and vaginitis. In order to accurately determine the cause of such symptoms, you must consult a doctor and undergo the appropriate tests.

Which may include white discharge after sexual intercourse?

Such symptoms of is often evidence of inflammation. Often the selection white color have been observed with candidiasis. However, they due to its density resemble cottage cheese. The disease is sometimes transmitted from a sexual partner, with any symptoms in men missing.

Bacterial vaginosis can also be accompanied by this symptom. This is characterized by itching and dryness of the vagina, an unpleasant smell of fish from selections.

For what reasons appear brown discharge after sexual intercourse?

We should distinguish between the normal discharge of brown color, from pathological. So, if the emergence of such symptoms observed within 3-4 days after sex, then most likely it’s blood, released from the microcrack, which once was subjected to temperature change its color.

Also brown discharge can be a symptom of such disorders as endometriosis, polyps, cervical erosion.

What else can be discharge after sex?

Выделения после полового актаAppearance yellow discharge after sexual intercourse often indicates the development of infectious or inflammatory process in the reproductive system. In particular, this is noted for chlamydia, which is accompanied by a copious, frothy discharge, yellow-greenish hue.

Discharge after intercourse in pregnancy

In most cases, the appearance of a small amount of vaginal bleeding may indicate the development of partial detachment of the placenta. In addition, all of the above violations may occur and when carrying a baby, which can cause a threatened miscarriage.


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