Cystic mastopathy of mammary glands — how to treat?

Кистозная мастопатия молочных желез - как лечить?Cystic disease of the breast is a breast is a disease in which there is a proliferation of the glandular tissue of the breast. It is often appear small, with the size of a pea, neoplasms (bands, nodules), which in the absence of treatment in the future can grow, thicken and increase in size.

How is diagnosis of the disease?

Before how to treat cystic mastopathy of mammary glands, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive examination. It usually involves a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy. Only after evaluation of the results and issuing the diagnosis to begin therapeutic interventions.

What are the symptoms of cystic mastitis of the mammary glands?

With the development of this disease manifest the following characteristics:

  • pain in the chest;
  • breast enlargement in bulk;
  • swelling of the breast;
  • the appearance of discharge from the nipple or transparent colors resembling colostrum.

Often there is a combination of symptoms, i.e. to the above joining signs of premenstrual syndrome, namely: headache, swelling of the face, nausea, violation of work of intestines.

How to treat cystic mastitis of the mammary glands?

Needless to say, the therapeutic process in this disease depends on the severity of symptoms, the stage of breaking. Therefore, selection of drugs is carried out individually.

If we talk about the treatment of cystic and glandular-cystic mastopathy of mammary glands, the basis of the treatment are hormonal drugs. Selection of dosages, frequency of intake and duration of treatment should be determined solely by the physician.

Of drugs when such violation most commonly prescribed Toremifene, Tamoxifen. These medications reduce the biological activity of the hormone estrogen, an overabundance of which often causes breast disease.Кистозная мастопатия молочных желез - как лечить?

The second direction of the treatment of this disorder is correctional therapy that consists of lifestyle changes, avoiding stress and overexertion. Soothing purpose can be assigned herbal sedatives such as Valerian, the hermit.

What folk remedies can be used for the treatment of cystic mastitis of the mammary glands?

Such treatment may be considered an additional means of therapy. At the same time use all sorts of infusions and decoctions with herbs such as calendula, yarrow, nettle, Flaxseed, etc.


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