How to remove spots from clothing with dandelions

From Sunny dandelions the kids make beautiful bouquets, and ladies older weave themselves wreaths. But while the children enthusiastically go about their business, the insidious juice of these flowers leaves stains on their clothes. Subsequently to not throw dirty thing, you must know a few tricks to eliminate stubborn stains from the dandelions.

Как вывести пятна от одуванчиков с одежды


1. With fresh spot will help to cope lemon. To do this, squeeze lemon juice directly on the stain or RUB their soiled area. Wait about 10-15 minutes and wash clothes soap. The juice and the pollen of the dandelions are very much eats into the fabric, and if the first time the lemon didn’t help, then repeat the procedure.

2. Instead of lemon you can use lemon juice. Take two tea bags and pour them in the compartment for washing powder machine, and then wash things at a temperature of 60 degrees.

3. Use to combat spots from dandelions potassium permanganate. To do this, make it a very weak solution, in which soak soiled items for several hours. After that wash clothes soap.

4. Take onion and cut it in half. Half the onions RUB the stains from the dandelions from the front and inside things. And then wash clothing as usual.

5. Prepare a cleaning solution of half a teaspoon of ammonia and two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Water in the resulting mixture a rag (cotton swab) RUB her right place, and then rinse with clean water.

6. From corrosive stains left by the dandelion, will help gasoline. They RUB the soiled area you sprinkle a couple of drops of 5% ammonia solution, and then wash things with a good powder.

7. If your home medicine Cabinet is present packing «Festal», then crush a few tablets into powder, add a little water to obtain a paste, and RUB into affected areas. Wait about 10 minutes, asterite spot manually, and then use the washing machine.

8. Pour a trace of dandelion, a little vegetable oil and then soap the contaminated area with household soap. After that, wash linen by hand, and coarse cloth, use a brush.

9. If the spots of dandelions stuffy and not displayed in any way, on the soiled place, you can do applique. This measure will save and external clothing, and will update it.

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