How to calculate your numerological number vehicle number

Motorists notice that each of the machines, like humans, has its own destiny. Numerology will tell you if a car owner to each other, and will help to learn the features and «character» of the vehicle.

Согласно нумерологии, номер определяет характер автомобиля

To calculate the numerological numbers need to add up all the numbers and letters of the plate. The correspondence of letters to numbers can be seen in the table.

Таблица соответствия букв цифрам

For example, the number OF 235 TONS. Determine what numbers correspond to the letters: O – 7; T – 2; N – 6.

Now draw a mathematical operation: 7 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 6 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7.

When you receive a number with a zero at the end of zero is discarded, for example, if you turned 10, you should take 1.

Now consider the interpretation of the resulting numbers:

1. The unit will attract money and wealth, if the car to be handled with care. A car with that number will never let on long journeys or in ordinary life, provided if the car will be the permanent owner. Main features of the «character» of the machine with the same numerological number – courage and impulsiveness.

2. According to numerology, two symbolizes protection, i.e., there is no fear that the car will get stolen. A car with this sign will provide comfort.

3. Machine with the Troika will suit for successful business. This number will help in financial transactions. But this car will have to pay a lot of attention.

4. In numerology four is considered an unlucky number. The car can attract accidents and thefts. Machine drivers with this sign must be careful and cautious, then any extreme situation will end favorably.

5. Five is suitable for beginners. The machine will be conducive to new business.

6. The main feature of the car with a numerology number six – constancy. Unforeseen situations will not arise, on the contrary, we should expect only scheduled events.

7. Seven did not like being alone, so in the car it is better not to ride one. Driving a car with this number obliges to strictly adhere to the rules. Overtaking or speeding it is better to avoid.

8. Eight is also considered unlucky in numerology. In the car probable frequent breakdowns. Also, do not expect success either in personal life or in business.

9. Machine with numerological number 9 can be considered a kind of talisman. The driver everything will be stable, troubles on the road will occur very rarely.

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