How to hem gypsum ceiling panels

To efficiently repair the ceiling is always difficult, as the working surface usually occurs a lot of problems. To somewhat simplify your task, the owner can use to repair activities of the plasterboard panel. It is a versatile material, allowing you to dispense with the use of plaster or putty in the alignment process. Although previously will have to prepare under the plasterboard panels, a special frame.

Как подшить потолок гипсокартонными панелями

Preparing the ceiling for installation of drywall
The preparation stage involves removing those finishing materials that were previously used to make ceiling surface. Removes not only the old cover, but all the contaminants that remain under them. Crumbling plaster should also be removed, since otherwise it may fall on plasterboard lining and damage it. If the ceiling discovered cracks, they should be to cover the solution.
The installation of the frame on the ceiling under the drywall
In principle, you can immediately proceed to the installation of plasterboard panels. But this method does not allow to get rid of the irregularities that are present on the ceiling. So it’s best if at first the owner will collect the crate or frame. It is made of wooden bars with thickness of 5 cm.
So the headlining was hard, the bars should be placed with a pitch of about 50-60 cm To increase the rigidity of the sheathing can be placed and cross straps in some places. Attach all of these elements are ordinary screws.
The installation of gypsum panels on the ceiling
The best option binder ceiling is one in which you use one big sheet of drywall. But it is usually not enough, so you have to fix a few of these panels. Between them it is necessary to leave small gaps of only 1-2 mm. Sheets of drywall are attached to the frame with screws in increments of about 30 cm Panel must be attached to all frame members through which they pass.
Preparation of the ceiling to finish
It now remains to get rid of the seams that are left in the skin. To do this, they applied putty. Zashpatlevat seams so that they do not stand out from the level of a covering of plasterboard. The final step in the preparation is applying a primer. Once it dries, the gypsum sheathing can be covered with paint or Wallpaper.

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