How to clean the Windows without special expenses

A cold winter does not allow us to clean the Windows when dirty, so you have only with the onset of spring to begin is a big deal.

Как качественно помыть окна без особых трат

In a big city Windows it is advisable to wash at least every month so that room light does not become like a basement, but the climate is different. In the spring we have to wash a lot of dirt and dust. How to do it quickly, simply and at no cost?

My window as grandma

This known method requires almost no cost, but will allow you to obtain a wonderful result. The main secret is the use of Newspapers.

The process is simple — dissolve the detergent (powder or soap in warm water), thoroughly wash away the dirt from both sides of the glass, rinse the frame and then collect the remaining moisture wrinkled newsprint. Please note that the newspaper should not just to collect drops of water and wipe the glass to a Shine.

Useful tip: to add Shine and increase the speed of harvesting in Soviet times, also used ammonia, which was added to the water (in a proportion of about 1 to 4). You can also find mentions about the effectiveness of vinegar, salt for the same purpose.

Use modern tools

But it is not necessary to abandon all the benefits of civilization. Today, the stores sold a large variety of detergents and appliances for washing Windows. Do not buy the most advertised, and, consequently, expensive! When choosing detergents, study the composition and select the lowest cost, where there is ammonia.

Also might want a special sponge with a long handle on the other side of which is glued a strip of thick rubber. This fixture is very convenient to wash the Windows in Stalin’s homes — with a sponge, apply cleanser, and the opposite side of the collected liquid. If you treat her gently, the device will easily last a few years.

Helpful hint: for quick and uniform distribution of the detergent on the glass will buy a spray bottle (these bottles are for example used for spraying house plants).

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