5 scrap materials for painting with a toddler

Various unconventional ways of drawing the impetus for the development of the imagination of your baby, displaying initiative and independence, as well as the expression of his personality.

подручные материалы для рисования

Let’s look at five simple scrap materials for drawing. Please note that we are only talking about the possibilities of an object in a duet with paints.

For the first technique you will need sponges. In baby stores sell special kits, but they are quite expensive. While similar devices can be made of ordinary sponge for washing dishes, cutting it into several pieces. But you can not do this.

рисование губкой

Another great tool for drawing is cotton swabs, which are perfect substitute of a brush for drawing, but at the same time help to make curly circles and fine lines. They can draw and fine lines with a little twist of cotton wool on top.

рисование ватными палочками

Wound in several layers of thread-twine — very textured material that leaves a lovely imprint on the paper. Be sure to try it in action with your child. He’ll love it.

рисование бечевкой

The piece of crumpled paper is also perfect for drawing. If to change its shape, you can create any pictures.

рисование мятой бумагой

Plug. Such an unusual way can be drawn, for example, grass, fence, needles for fancy hedgehog. Just dip a child of table object in the paint, attach it to the paper and you’re done.

рисование вилкой

Experiment and create with their children, without limiting their part!

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