The education of the child with reasonable prohibitions

In the last century there was quite a lot of different child-rearing practices. Each of them is an individual approach to the situation, covering its principle.

Воспитание ребенка с помощью разумных запретов

All methods of education of children can be similar or radically different from each other, and even to contradict one another. But which one is better, that is up to each parent, however, you need to consider not only their prestige, but also the usefulness for the future of the child. Education is a pretty important moment in the life of every parent, because it is invested from an early age the rules of conduct and other values and determine the future life of the younger man. And formed the human person depend directly Outlook on life, as well as moral, spiritual and human qualities.

France is a good example in education, which provides for prohibitions, and without infringing on the child’s personality, and even giving that confidence — both life and in himself. Such education is practiced in many countries. But the importance, however, is that modern parents don’t want to infringe on the prohibitions of children, considering it old-fashioned way, although it can mean for them and their children problems. A small child, which is about fifteen months, cannot make any decisions, he simply is not capable. However, he wants to feel «not excessive», that is delivers the protests, demonstrating his opinion, wanting to be heard. But such a child does not know any rules, and therefore does not know what to oppose. In this case, the transfer of the initiative into his hands overwhelms him, he becomes lost and can hurt himself.

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