How to raise your child’s immune medicines and folk remedies

Some children after the disease recover very quickly, others a long time are in a morbid state. The reason for this lingering malady is lack of immunity. Because, as a rule, it depends how healthy is a person’s life. It is necessary to know how to restore the immunity of your child.

Causes and symptoms of weak immunity in children

Immunity – innate ability of the body to protect itself against negative factors – viruses, bacteria. How you can raise the immunity of the child is affected by a number of factors. This pregnancy, genetic inheritance, health of the parents. If the child has a weak immune system, it is necessary to engage in its promotion. Common causes can be:

  • problems during pregnancy (between 20-28 weeks);
  • lack of vitamins;
  • improper diet;
  • birth injury;
  • short breast-feeding;
  • poor living conditions;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • the predisposition is inherited;
  • worms;
  • chronic infection (otitis, tonsillitis).

Symptoms of a weakened immune system:

  • recovery from illness has been too long;
  • viral diseases occurring more than four times a year;
  • allergies to drugs and foods;
  • great fatigue, the baby is often cranky;
  • drowsiness;
  • poor bowel activity, constipation or frequent diarrhea.

How to strengthen your child’s immunity

At the stage of pregnancy should begin strengthening immunity in children. In the mother’s diet should definitely include trace elements (zinc, selenium), vitamins (A, C, E), minerals. In addition, the basic rule for every mother is breast-feeding, preferably up to 1.5 years. Indeed, thanks to mother’s milk the child receives the most essential substance used by the body to form immunity.

Basic methods on how to raise the immunity of the child is:

  • balanced diet;
  • hardening (water dousing, douches);
  • the use of immunostimulatory drugs;
  • the creation of a favorable atmosphere in the family;
  • prevention of worms (2 times a year), especially for children attending kindergarten;
  • oral hygiene;
  • the holding of the vitamin in winter and autumn;
  • General hygiene (parents need to give up bad habits).

Than to raise the immunity of the child

To know how you can raise the immunity of the child, you need to first eliminate factors which reduce the immune system. For this it is necessary to try to ensure your child’s psychological comfort, to find a complete food. In addition, should develop mode. Very effective for lifting immunity are Immunostimulants and folk remedies. About what and how to raise the immunity of the child, a well-known pediatrician Komorowski says the following:

  • avoid overheating;
  • do not place the bed near heating devices;
  • the humidity in the room should be about 50%;
  • it is not necessary to wrap the baby;
  • wet wipe often;
  • you need to support your baby during the disease;
  • let the baby drink non-carbonated water, tea, juice;
  • often walk in the fresh air;
  • avoid places with lots of people.


Many parents often wonder how to increase immunity to the child through food. Often food is the main means of strengthening of the body. In the child’s diet should limit the consumption of sweets and starchy foods, to completely eliminate spicy and fatty food. Many products are designed to deal with factors that have a negative impact on the immune system. As a rule, the diet of the child must be present:

  • dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt;
  • meat chicken;
  • oils: olive, Flaxseed;
  • fruits: apples, pears, melon, peaches, apricots;
  • bee products: honey, bee pollen, bee-bread;
  • nuts (except peanuts);
  • dried fruits: dried apricots, dates, prunes;
  • vegetables: cabbage, carrots, lettuce, peppers, herbs, garlic;
  • berries: raspberries, currants, blueberries;
  • liquid: tea, rosehip tea, water, juice;
  • grains: corn, rye, wheat, corn, black rice.

Drugs for increase of immunity

There are a group of drugs that increase immunity. These drugs should only appoint a doctor. Them wrong is to violate the metabolic processes in the body. Drugs that increase immunity, is a different means of synthetic, plant and animal origin. Pills, drops, antibiotics is often prescribed to children who suffer a long chronic infections. The most popular drugs are:

  • herbal homeopathic medicines on the basis of Astragalus, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, Chinese Magnolia vine;
  • preparations of interferon Viferon, grippferon, Anaferon, Amiksin, Arbidol, kagocel;
  • bacterial media: Imudon, ribomunil, IRS-19, Likopid;
  • preparations of nucleic acids: Derinat, ridostin.

Therapeutic gymnastics and massage

Child’s body is weaken the illness and the lack of movement. So physical moderate load can increase the immune power. In addition, a child’s immunity can be strengthened with the help of massage or gymnastics. Exercises are usually easy to digest, due to this they can be practiced even in young children. For gymnastics you will need:

  • In the morning with your child in front of a mirror we should try to get the chin. In this position, you must be about 10 seconds. This simple exercise will improve blood flow, get rid of the stagnant mucus.
  • Every morning it is necessary to slowly rotate the head left and right. This exercise is good for the lymph glands behind the ear. In addition, it protects them from infection.
  • For the massage, you need to teach your baby to easily tapping myself on the chest on the exhale, it should pronounce the sounds «u», «a», «o». This self-massage develops a natural protective forces of the bronchopulmonary system.

Folk remedies and herbs

Adults are often concerned about how to raise immunity folk remedies and can they be used in the fight against disease. Medicine folk medicine is usually a drink from the berries, and herbal teas. Experts often suggest to take to strengthen the immune system fruit drinks from a cranberry, viburnum, lemon, because they contain natural vitamin C. in addition, a good remedy is:

  • Rosehip tea. Per liter of boiling water should take about 40 berries.
  • The decoction of beets and carrots. It will be required to take and finely slice 500 g of each vegetable. Further, all pour on boiling water and cook until the beets are ready. Then the broth should strain and add dried apricots, a little ginger, raisins. Put back for 5 minutes on the fire. After the mixture has cooled, put a spoonful of honey.

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