How to unlock iPhone if forgotten password: step by step instructions

Modern smartphone users often install a password in order to its security and preventing situations of access to personal data. But such good purpose could spell trouble code easily forgotten. It is therefore important to know methods how to unlock iPhone if you forgot the password to always be in touch with friends.

What to do if forgot password iPhone

Situation when one forgets a password from a smartphone, are not uncommon, although can be a little funny. But this problem happens to be and therefore the question of how to unlock iPhone if forgotten password, it remains relevant for millions of users. You can try to reset the codes in different ways: to enter the code through the meter attempts to restore the gadget via iTunes or lock. You can do this yourself or consult a paid professional assistance.

Counter reset wrong attempts

In order to ensure the safety of the device, the gadget may block permanently after the sixth attempt bad password. In this case, it will give you a «iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes». In this case, the lock may be removed by dropping of the counter of incorrect attempts. Steps how to remove password from iPhone is possible only if the synchronization with the computer, authorize it with iTunes:

  1. Connect via cable your phone to the computer, turn on iTunes. When you turn off Wi-Fi on the device to synchronize with a PC through it will not happen.
  2. Wait a moment for recognition program of the gadget.
  3. In menu, select «Devices», hit «Sync», select your phone. It is similarly possible to carry out this paragraph using the «Tab», «Review».
  4. With the beginning of the synchronization counter for incorrect attempts is reset to zero and you can continue entering the password.
  5. When you try to switch off the gadget, or force it to reload the counter will not reset – keep this in mind.

Reset lock password iPhone

Another situation may be the question of how to unlock the iPhone. It can be a full reset unlock password or a reference code on the backup mail specified in the settings. In the case of a full reset initially, you need to transfer all data from the device to fallback or backup. You can try to manually loop through combinations of numbers, but it must be included feature «Find my iPhone» on the gadget, and the enumeration will take a long time. Information how to reset the password on the iPhone, may check the following data:

  1. To verify the activity lock function is activated.
  2. The availability of synchronized computer authorization iTunes.
  3. To enter the data Apple ID code.
  4. Phone into DFU mode: turn the phone off, simultaneously hold down the Home button and «Off», hold for 10 to 20 seconds, after 10 seconds the button «Off» release, and the Home button hold until the computer will see the device in the selected mode.

How to restore iPhone if you forgot password

After syncing your phone with your computer, you will need to restore it. This is an important point in the information how to unlock iPhone 4 if forgot password. The above methods of transfer in this mode, but to circumvent the official blocking is possible so: to flash the gadget. The lock can be removed either through iTunes or with the aid iСloud. Both options are applicable to the restoration recommended by the official representative of the brand.

If errors occur in the situation of unlock, the way out could be reading forums where it is possible to find answers to any questions. Experienced users share with newcomers the secrets that are often little tricks to cheat the system and return the unit to its original state. Thus, the Council initially installed the latest firmware, and then restore the iPhone – it takes less time and is suitable for users with slow Internet connection.

Using iTunes

Resetting the password unlock iPhone with the help of the translation device in DFU mode, continue to complete the following steps:

  1. Connect the phone via cable with the computer to sync with iTunes.
  2. The program iTunes will detect your gadget by giving information: «iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before using with iTunes.»
  3. Click «OK» on your computer, choose «Restore iPhone».
  4. Depending on the firmware version can appear on automatic check for updates and restore the factory settings, they need to agree by pressing the buttons «Check» and «Restore and update».
  5. If the messages do not appear, agree with the selected firmware version, wait for its installation.
  6. After installing the screen there is a window «configure iPhone», select the «Set up as new iPhone» and enter new password.

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

Unlock the phone using icloud possible only with the compliance with mandatory requirements:

  • Included feature «Find my iPhone».
  • Wi-Fi enabled or accessible on the Internet via a cellular connection.
  • The screen is not available for viewing because of the requested code.

The question how to unlock iPhone 5, will help answer the following steps:

  1. Go to ICloud, make sure that in the tab «All devices» when you select «Find my iPhone» the name of the gadget lights up green and the status shows «Online».
  2. Click on the device name by selecting «Erase iPhone» in the pop-up window, re-click «Delete».
  3. Enter the code from your Apple ID, your phone number, click «Finish».
  4. The screen goes blank but lights up the logo, you will see the status bar. When it comes to the end, you will be able to return to the original settings.

How much to unlock iPhone

Unlocking the iPhone is not an easy procedure, so you can use third-party service organizations to reprolit gadget. The Internet offers many options how to unlock the iPhone 6 or other model. The procedure is carried out remotely or by personal visit to the office. The price depends on the model, so the average cost of unlock 6 latest model is about 7500 rubles, models below 5000 rubles.

Companies offer the alternative timing for the release, but basically you can find options from a week to 10 days. During this time gadget is completely restored and does not lose important data and contacts. To unlock the phone, demands to know the IMEI, to find that perhaps their original packaging. After this procedure, the gadget will again perform its functions perfectly.

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