How to make the drain in the bath?

Как сделать слив в бане?

Bath gives pleasure and does not cause harm, but instead only strengthens it. To equip the steam room on their own site it is easy, but one of the main problems of construction — how to make the water drain from the bath. If the output is liquid to equip with errors, the wall of the bath covered with mold. And then what kind of benefits the body can be a speech?

How to make a drain in the bath with a drain hole?

The easiest and most common way to make the drain in the bath, it’s the digging of the drainage holes of the septic tank where the waste water will be sucked vacuum machine as the filling. Her equip close to the baths, from which the liquid flows in an inclined pipe. The pit should be taxed brick and cement. A more economical option is to use tires from tires, which impose on each other.

How to make the drain in the bath with dirt filtering?

If close to your area is Sewerage, you can «kill two birds with one stone» — to bring sewage and implement underground irrigation of the soil. For implementing the method of soil filtration will have to take the help of professionals who will help to organize the section of the whole system: a grid for catching the waste of large size, the filter layer that distributes well and drainage pipe.

How to make a drain under the bath?

In addition to the standard method of drainage holes and tech with dirt filtering there is another arrangement of the drain – not on the distance from the baths, and just below it. It is suitable for baths from a frame that can be installed on a usual fundament, and the piles in areas with sedimentary rocks or on steep grades. Of course, to build a steam room is more difficult. But the ease of draining to the face emerging from the floor of the baths, sewage flows into a sewage pit and then into the pipe to drain.

The main thing is how to make the drain in the bath on stilts, this Как сделать слив в бане?to build the correct floor. It can be occurring. With this method, lay out the Board in such a way that between them there was a distance of about 5 mm, which will leave the water in the sink. Underground should have a sloping surface, in this case, the waste will flow by themselves.

Waste water can leave the soil if under the bath to build drainage, by which the moisture will go into the nearby pond. If required the arrangement of drain wells, the space between floor and ground is closed by galvanized metal and insulated.


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