Air solar collector

Воздушный солнечный коллектор

While the total price increase for people trying to live more economical. It also refers to utilities, which are available at very high rates, increasing from year to year. The most enterprising in the first place insulated home and install solar air collector, which allows you to use your electricity and partly to heat a dwelling house and farm buildings.

What is an air solar collector?

This uncomplicated design is a box, which is located inside the reflector, and the pipes and heats the air due to the greenhouse effect. Cold air from outside or the room falls into the manifold, due to solar rays, is heated. After that, through the flanges it enters the Converter, then the energy stored in the battery, and then can be spent at the discretion of the owner.

Although the solar air collector for heating in the Northern regions can not completely be an alternative to traditional heating because of too low temperature and short photoperiod, it can be used as an auxiliary method. That is, half will take it manifold, provided that its size will correspond to consumption.

Types air solar collectors

Varieties of solar heating devices several. They can be divided into cumulative, flat liquid and air. Also different manifolds and temperature and are:

  • weak – to heat running water and lighting;
  • medium – to heat your home;
  • powerful – use in industrial premises.

Calculation of solar air collector

For air intake of solar air collector will need a fan. Its capacity depends on the size of the room and the size of the box theВоздушный солнечный коллектор manifold. On average, you should choose one that has a capacity of about 250 m3/h.

In addition to the fan necessary and correct calculation of the size of the collector and if it is not possible to calculate all by yourself, it is better to entrust it to a specialist. Indeed, in this case every detail is important – a layer of insulation, the thickness of the walls of the boxes and glass, the color in the header.

The service of such a collector is about 20 years old, so spending once a fairly small amount, you can get her payback in the next six months.


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