How to choose a bike for a teenager?

Как выбрать велосипед для подростка?Sooner or later your son or daughter asks the parents bike. And it is quite normal desire of the child, which in spite of everything, you should try to implement. Because large – it is an incomparable feeling of freedom, the opportunity to expand your circle of acquaintances and just spend time. Incidentally, the latter is particularly important for those children who spend too much time at the computer or watching TV.

So the decision was made, remained to implement it. First you should read the guidelines on how to choose a bike for a teenager, if the parents do not really understand this. After all, the money invested can benefit or harm if purchase exercise lightly.

Where I ride?

To know how to choose a bike to a teenager, you should decide on the area where it will ride. Of course, all situations provide does not work, but if the family lives in a metropolis then most likely the child will ride on the bike path. But for rural residents, naturally, have to pick up the iron horse with good maneuverability. A Bicycle-type drive share on:

  • highway/road;
  • a pleasure;
  • hybrid;
  • trick;
  • mountain.

Referring to the depreciation, are:

  • rigidi – rigid fork; they are suitable for good paved trails;
  • the hardtail – with one front shock fork, which are mountain bike;
  • suspension – with front and rear shock for super off-road terrain.

How to choose a bike for adolescents on growth?

Under Junior bikes mean those that have wheels 20, 24 inches and are suitable to increase from 135 to 150 cm in addition to these distinguishing features from adults they don’t have, except that a shorter handlebar and a low frame.

For a child it is very important not to buy a bike via Internet, and directly to try it in – that is, at least to sit on it to see what size you need. The right choice will be one somewhere between the crotch and the frame when standing over the frame, there remains a distance of not less than 10 cm.

How to choose a teenage girls bike?

Typically, the fundamental differences in between great for a boy or girl no. All the difference is reduced to a reduced geometry of the frame for safety and more vivid coloring. Many girls to ride comfortably and with men’s frame – as long as it fit, because you choose the wrong bike can adversely affect your posture.

How to choose a fast sport bike for a teenager?

If a child wants is not rare rides with friends, but became serious about Cycling, the bike should be purchased at a specialized sporting goods store. To get the maximum speed will require ultra-light frame, thin smooth tires and the absence of a variety of external frills – bike computer, bottle holder, fender / rack that worsens the aerodynamics of the bike.

Как выбрать велосипед для подростка?How to choose a mountain bike to a teenager?

Almost all the guys like mounting the mountain bikes with bright and attractive frame design. But do not buy a flashy appearance, unless of course, the purse have any extra money, since buying such a model, even in the medium price range, the buyer receives the minimum speed and the maximum weight is clearly not what the child wants. In city conditions the bike completely useless.

Better to pay attention to odnopodezdny (hardtail) bike with an aluminum frame that is both light, agile and fast.


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