What not to say to a man when he’s upset

People in a state of disorder, anxiety or panic, causes sympathy and support. But not always, their tips are useful, and often – on the contrary, bring harm. Many words that seem appropriate, you can make the situation worse, increasing the negative emotions. So, what phrases are not able to calm a frustrated person?

Успокоить расстроенного человека можно правильно подобранными словами

Don’t get upset over nothing

What you think it is nonsense, in the value system of another person can be very important. Such a phrase is to belittle something meaningful, and not give the situation a more positive tone.

No need to convince people that nothing significant happened. On the contrary, should be encouraged it will be recalled that earlier in similar situations, he copes with his emotions. These words will help to get out of a negative state.

Calm down

People covered with feelings, perhaps, was glad to calm down. But this state is difficult to control. For the team to take and calm down, not everyone can.

Instead, it is better to use the phrase, calling for action. For example, suggest a walk in the Park together to do some business. Classes will distract and calm person.

All will be well

This trite phrase will not bring the desired calming effect. It is unlikely that you will believe, because this attempt to inspire confidence nothing is confirmed. Moreover, when the reasons all will be good, people may even more upset.

According to psychologists, the best effect will bring the adoption of his anxiety rather than fleeing from it.

I had the same thing

The belief that you are just as bad is a common technique. However, even if you experience the same emotions, no need to dwell on them. Depression is contagious, being together with the person covered by negative feelings, comes the emotional decline.

To help disordered person (and yourself), should get together to grieve, it would be useful to jointly distractions, such as walking.


In the near future, maybe the alcohol will help to calm down, but will further lead to severe depression, and even alcoholism. Emotional problems will only intensify.

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