How to bring order to the bookshelves

With all the availability of e-books and digital libraries, many still love, wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea under the soulful rustle of paper printed books. Therefore, the bookshelf is still honored. How to bring order to the shelves for books in order not to waste time in search of necessary volume?

Как навести порядок на книжных полках


1. First of all remove from the shelves all the books. Shelves wipe to remove dust. With books, you also need to remove the dust. You can use a soft brush large.

2. Now start balancing the books contents, spreading on individual piles of the books for children and adults. Each of these stacks spread out on a stack of dictionaries, educational, informative and fiction. Book one of the series put together a shelf of books will look more carefully. Spelling dictionaries of the Russian language do not put mixed with dictionaries of foreign languages. Scientific and educational literature sort by topics: biology separately, and physics separately, for example.
Books of the big format is not necessary to mix with small pamphlets, as a result, the library will look untidy.
If books very much, it is more convenient to arrange them in alphabetical order, highlighting for each section of the literature separate shelf. In alphabetical order, you can arrange the books either by author or by title, as convenient to each individual.

3. If among the books found such that You can’t imagine the literary value and to which You have no emotional attachment, collect them and return to the library.

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