Utility fixes the start menu in Windows 10

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One of the most common problems faced by users after upgrading to Windows 10, and also after a clean installation — not opening the start menu and not running the search on the taskbar. Also, sometimes corrupted store app tiles after correcting the problem with using PowerShell (ways to fix the problem manually I described in detail in the instructions doesn’t open the start menu, Windows 10).

Now (13 June 2016), Microsoft posted on its official website a tool to diagnose and repair errors start menu in Windows 10, which incidentally can automatically fix and related problems, including blank tiles store apps or non-functioning search task pane.

Use the utilities find and fix problems «start menu»

A new utility from Microsoft works the same as all the other elements of the «diagnosing problems».

After starting you must click «Next» and wait, when run under the tool actions.

If problems were found, they will be automatically corrected (by default, you can also disable the automatic application of the patch). If no problems were detected, you will be informed that the module Troubleshooting did not reveal the problem.

And in that and in other case you can click «View more details» in the utility window, in order to obtain a list of specific things that was checked and if problems are detected, corrected.

At this point in time, checks the following points:

  • The availability of all necessary applications and the correctness of their installation, including Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost and Microsoft.Windows.Cortana
  • Check user permissions for the registry key used to operate the start menu of Windows 10.
  • Check the database of the app tiles.
  • Check damage manifest.

Download removal tool fixes Windows start menu 10 you can from the official site http://aka.ms/diag_StartMenu

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