Decorative panel for interior walls-types and features

Market facing materials often updated with interesting new products. For interior walls manufacturers offered analog to natural stone, wood, brick, and at first glance, to distinguish the decorative panel from the prototype it will be difficult even for an expert. The technology used help to mimic any material and texture.

Features decorative panels

Universal properties – that contributes to the popularity of decorative panels for internal furnish of walls. Helping to implement the ideas of the design project, these materials do not require special knowledge for installation. Some difficulties in the selection of decorative finishing materials can occur only because of the variety of shapes, colors, textures, they almost do not know unparalleled. If you choose the right paneling for interior decoration, from the point of view of aesthetics the space from floor to ceiling will look perfect.

Quality decorative wall panels meet such characteristics as:

  • durable coating;
  • elasticity;
  • moisture resistance;
  • practicality;
  • save the properties with temperature changes.


The use of wall panels with imitation masonry, brick veneer leaves of the tree helps to quickly and easily implement design intent. Take this facing material only a decorative role, it would be wrong, because they have several practical advantages. Make bold decisions, to give the interior of the apartment of individuality and to save on some types of construction works assist the following advantages decorative panels for interior walls:

  1. The ability to create a perfectly smooth surface, hiding construction defects, so you can do without plaster.
  2. Full or partial design space by simulation under different types of natural materials (wood, stone, brick, metal (stainless steel).
  3. A safe and convenient way to hide communication, creating a cavity that can easily fit cables, components of ventilation system.
  4. The increase in heat and sound insulation.
  5. Simple installation, which often requires no special construction skills.

Types of paneling for walls

Since the appearance on the market of decorative wall panels gain popularity, which encourages producers to increase the range. Manufactured types of finishing materials are able to satisfy the most unusual requests, because they may differ from each other in form and material. If at first lining panels for the interior walls simulated wood, brick or stone, the current production technology provided the opportunity to arrange the space of the room plaster, gipsovomelovuju or 3d panels.

Decorative wall panels are:

  • Rake with a width from 9 to 30 cm, with thickness up to 12 mm.
  • Tile that has a square shape with a side of 300 mm or 980 mm.
  • Sheet – this option is of the form panels, the largest among the others in size.

Materials for the production of decorative wall cladding:

  • wood;
  • Particleboard or fiberboard;
  • MDF;
  • PVC;
  • gypsum;
  • glass.


Natural wood will decorate any interior, giving it solidity, nobility and aesthetics. To produce wood panels for walls manufacturers choose arrays of valuable species, such as wenge, rosewood, teak. The interior design looks very effective if together with the palette natural shade is used or a mirror insert with gold thread, which helps to enhance the decorative effect.

The limitation for cladding of wood for the walls, which is not recommended to neglect, is the high humidity level of the room. Protect the sheet wall panel for interior decoration of the wood from warping, cracking and loss of the veneer will not help any special coatings or impregnation. Another drawback – the high price is significantly different wooden decorative panels for interior walls from other species.

Interior wall decoration MDF

The method of hot pressing has helped to find a use for waste wood, and at the same time to enhance the safety of this kind of decorative covering. Even at the initial stage of production of MDF exclude the possibility of penetration of the epoxy or phenol is harmful to health. To extend the scope of help excellent refractory properties, if the MDF sheets have a special coating. Non-combustible material with the possibility of applying the original pattern, texture, choice surfaces with excellent practical characteristics are suitable for nurseries, kitchens, offices.

Gypsum Board

If you wish to choose the most environmentally friendly type of sheathing for interior walls, you should pay attention to the one that made from gypsum. Modern technological processing helps to non-flammable and safe for the health of the lining material with long service life. Gypsum panels have one distinct advantage: when damaged, and replacement of one element will not have to dismantle the rest.

Wall decoration PVC panels

Plastic cladding is a choice in favor of an inexpensive option walls. Along with attractive price ,PVC sheets compete with other types of cladding material by the simplicity of care, ease of installation and variety of performance. To find variations with imitation brick, wood or stone with possibility of installation directly on concrete is not difficult. Water-resistant faux finishes for walls are well suited for bathrooms. PVC is not affected by temperature extremes, making it perfect for unheated spaces.


The structure of this type of sheathing for the walls is reminiscent of drywall, with the difference that the outer surface is a plate of vinyl. It makes gipsovomelovuju decorative plate more durable, resistant to mechanical damage and with minimal care requirements. To put in order the vinyl surface, only need wet cleaning. The peculiarity of this kind of decorative material that is easy to do the installation without dust and debris, so the walls can be carried out even in the finished interior.

3d wall panel for interior decoration

The most original decorative coating with three-layer structure. The unique characteristics of the 3d panel for interior walls due to the gain variations of the basics, relief and strengthens the layer. The core layer is MDF, plaster with metal insert, aluminum, raised – plaster, plastic, wood and the final layer – a special film for strength of three-dimensional image. New used by case designers to create modern interiors, especially impressive 3d plate look at partial design or zoning.

How much are decorative panels

Commercially decorative panels for interior walls became available relatively recently. Buy in the catalog in specialized shops or on the market of plates, sheets, strips for every taste and financial possibilities. The final cost will affect not only the place of purchase, the essential factors would be the choice of the manufacturer, type and shape. Prices decorative types of plating can vary in the following range:

View wall panels



Price range (1 m)


picture by foreigners

2700х250х8 mm



2700х250х8 mm





11 000-16 000

natural pine




natural wood



laminated veneer

2600х250х7 mm

From 500-950



600×600 mm



600×600 mm


bamboo panels



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