Cradle-cradle for newborn: what to buy and how to make your own hands

For the little crumbs the cradle – the whole Kingdom, so the parents long before the birth of the baby choose his bed. The cradle protects the dream of a newborn baby, gives a sense of security and peace. The baby grew quiet and happy, it is desirable to select the most comfortable bed.

Classification of the cradles

A bed-cradle for a newborn is a sleeper 50/100 cm, the main function of which is cradling a baby. The appearance and form of the cradle depend on the choice of the parents, and use it as long as the newborn will turn 5 months old. In this period the baby begins to sit and stand, so for his safety it is better to buy a playpen with high sides. Depending on the structure, cradles for infants are divided into several types.

Classic cot-cot

The most popular cradle-cradle for babies is a crib on the stationary legs, which swings the type of pendulum. Modern models allow you to remove the swing function optional, securing the cradle in a fixed position. Classic carrycot-rocking chair for babies made of organic materials, most common is a tree. In recent years, the manufacturers offer fashionable cradle-cradle from the stem of rattan or vine. These materials are lighter and stronger than the others.


This product is a cradle suspended from the ceiling. Suspended cradle can be made of wood or wicker. In a modern apartment is not always possible to secure the cot in limbo, so all models are equipped with stationary supports. The suspended cradle is very easy cradling of the newborn, contributes to its quiet sleep. Thanks to outdoor racks cradle for the newborn is similar to a swing in which the baby is not sitting, and lying. Portable supports can be installed in any location convenient to the parents.


A distinguishing feature of a crib – an electronic system which performs the function of motion sickness. Cradle-cradle for children babies react to crying, including vibrate mode. Parents can manually adjust the speed and time of motion sickness by using the remote control. These new-fangled » and give more freedom to the moms and dads, but do not forget that the electronic-the bed lay a live baby, it is impossible to leave without supervision.

Cradle-rocking chair for babies

Cot-cradle with function of motion sickness can be specially curved pedestal or on castors. It consists of a cradle-rocking of a plastic or a wooden frame and runners that you can put on wheels. The mobility of the cradle increases a lot, as it is permitted to carry from place to place. Sometimes the carrycot-rocking equipped with an electronic system.


This cradle cradle for the newborn has a removable crib, which easily transfer to the right place. Carrier copes with two functions: wheelchairs and beds. It is very compact, has two handles, as the bags. The base of the portable cradle is a plywood frame, which is upholstered in leather and fabric. Many models come with a hood covering the upper part of the head of the newborn. This is a wonderful and inexpensive gift for a young mother who cannot afford to buy the baby a crib, and a stroller.

How to choose the cradle for newborns

When choosing a crib for the baby should pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. The strength of the mounting base. It depends on the security of the newborn, because the frame cradle provides secure sickness. Any misalignment between the fastener can cause damage to the cradle.
  2. Material details crib. The joints of the frame shall be fixed only with metal fasteners. Wooden or plastic fasteners, do not guarantee durable and reliable operation.
  3. The size of the crib. The length of the cradle are standard, but the width is better to choose maximum as narrow cradle will not leave freedom for turning of the newborn.
  4. Additional fixtures. It is better to purchase a model equipped with features such as a bedside fixture, diaper basket, fold-up changing table and others. The presence of these additions will make it easier to care for a newborn.
  5. The lack of removable parts. The main indicator of safety carrycot.
  6. The base material. It is better to choose a cradle, made of natural materials. It is preferable that the parts may not be of paints and varnishes. The most ideal option – wicker bassinet for newborns with non-toxic anti-rodent and other pests.

A survey of known manufacturers

Cradle-cradle for toddlers newborn has not lost relevance in our day. Leading manufacturers of clothes and accessories for babies every year to improve the model, saving parents the hassle. What does a well-known company kids:

  1. Mothercare. Excellent mobile cradle of maize or beech, which look very stylish and take up little space and fit into any interior. Crib from the British company Mothercare are made from natural materials, so their cheap goods can not be named.
  2. SIMPLICITY. American company that produces the universal cradle. The range includes models 4 in 1 bed-fasteners, removable bassinet and changing table, as well as many options of cots electronic modules (lullaby music, lights, VibroSystM).

Where to buy and how much are baby bassinets for newborns

Find and buy Cribs for infants can be online or stationary stores. For example, in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg a huge selection of Cribs for babies in the Central Children’s world. If you need a budget option, the cradle b/a easy to find in the Internet on Bulletin boards (Avito). Online shopping offers a large number of cradles, both imported and domestic production. Run-up in prices great: from 4000 rubles (classic) up to 25,000 (electronic). Antique cradles antique stores can cost from 30,000 rubles and above.

How to make a bed-cradle for newborns with their hands

Bassinet cradle for your baby can be done independently. You do not need to have special skills, you only have to remember the order of actions:

  • Use the bottom of the frame with a solid plywood. It drill holes around the edge of the cot.
  • They insert rope, the other end of which fasten over the side of the perch.
  • At the corners of the poles with padding to 10 cm attach a rope to a carabiner to attach it to the ceiling holes.
  • Before laying the newborn check the cradle for durability.


Catherine, 23 years:the birth of a son, the husband bought a very expensive cradle company Jetem dream. This electronic model has a vibration system, removable hood, on which hung a toy, the cover on the mattress made of natural stories. Son it slept up to six months – I couldn’t get enough of. When it is time to change the crib, baby for a long time to get used to a new place to sleep.

Maria, 35 years:a cradle-rocking Simplicity 4 in 1 – cradle incredible! Cases after many washings remained in perfect condition, the wheels were easier for us to care for her newborn daughter because it didn’t need to carry her in his arms. The child moved through the apartment with us to his cradle-crib. Pleased control panel: we could choose desired function, without getting up from his seat.

Karina, 27 years:we had a «Pearl 3» from Kolcraft with electronic carousel, which was moving soft toys and pictures. The kid didn’t take his eyes off the traffic and we never heard him cry. We have chosen the model of the cradle-cradle with wheels is very convenient, it has the function of works nature sounds, and features special Windows to allow air circulate.

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