How to prepare a garden, barbecue

Barbecue is one of the most enjoyable activities in warm weather. If your garden is not ready to receive guests, don’t forget to read the following tips.

Как подготовить сад для барбекю

Organization square BBQ is an important question if you want to receive visitors. How well you choose a barbecue? What range offer sellers? What accessories should be at hand, and, finally, what furniture should you choose?

Designate a place for barbecue

Preparing the garden for the BBQ season starts. The grill needs to be in a secluded area, protected from the wind, near pleasant green planting. All the event will be held in a relaxed environment, reinforcing the proximity of nature. Distance from buildings to avoid smoke and soot of facades that would be difficult to clean later.

Select the right type of grill

Consider the size of the grid, which will allow you to bake a batch of meat for each guest. If you have a small family, position all in one tray. In addition, there is a problem of the same type of grill. You can choose one of several options. Grill on the corner is the most popular, traditional choices. This is a relatively cheap option, but if it is used for several seasons, must be made of high quality materials. The process of burning coal or wood is associated with the time-consuming ignition and cleaning of the equipment with the ash.

An alternative that eliminates these problems, are gas grills. They are easy to use, but are more expensive than charcoal grills. Another type of garden barbecue, which can also be used at home, is the electric grill. It costs less than gas, but has large energy consumption. When buying this model, consider whether you will be able to guarantee network access in a convenient location. For large tracts of land that could be difficult. Also take care of set accessories: tongs, skewers for cooking pieces of grilled meat and vegetables.

Prepare the site

A table and chairs. The size and number should be selected depending on the number of members of your family and guests. Everyone should find a comfortable place. Consider the overall layout in General, take care of beautiful accessories such as cushions, decorative items, soft lighting and candles. Any effort training will lead to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere. Hot grill, the company at table and beautiful weather for many spring and summer days will become the basis for a good time.

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