As not to harm the child in the divorce

In a happy family are all happy. But if being happy, being together, the parents can not? Then is the solution – divorce. After all, to keep the family together only for the baby’s sake – idea that will ultimately end in tears.

Как не навредить ребенку при разводе

Everything that happens in the home, in relationships between family members affects a child. And deciding to divorce, parents should understand that this will impact on their Chad, even if there be no symptoms. And let there are times when the cause of divorce becomes domestic violence, and child to live with only one parent, but it still leaves a deep tragic mark on his soul.

The child’s feelings

He can feel the little man when his parents decided to divorce? For any adult would be a severe loss if he leaves someone he loves. Therefore, realizing that one of the parents leaves the family – the baby begins very worry and afraid that it did not and the other parent. He always thinks that don’t love him and more that he is at fault care. Thus developing children’s fears. For example: fear to be alone, increased anxiety, moodiness. These phobias do not allow the child to develop normally, and in the future may lead to problems in the relationship in your own family.

If divorce is accompanied by conflict situations, there is a fear of new shocks, and the child begins to avoid any conflicts, becoming downtrodden and quiet.

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