How to avoid jealousy of an older child

Usually children want a younger brother or sister, promise to help and take care of the baby. But it’s only until the baby. As soon as you are discharged from the hospital and you return home, everything changes. For an older child spilling a lot of restrictions. There is already the older kid not to joy. And why he would want a sister or brother? Yes, and you do not understand why your child can’t show a modicum of understanding to the baby?

Как избежать ревности старшего ребенка

The causes of jealousy are obvious, it’s not that your child is selfish, just before you were completely him, you read him a book at a moment»s notice, played with him, went to walk and now you are constantly tired mother, who is not to games. Now it all depends on the whims of a tiny man. Well, how not to offend my firstborn?

To begin with you should understand that you will never be able to isolate the noise and other inconveniences to your baby. Did you do it with the first baby, but second or third this will not happen. Your older child also has the need to run, jump and play, it can not constantly be punished for it, so you their own hands to set up the older child vs the younger.

No matter what you are worried about the baby, do not forbid the older child to touch it. To get is not worth it. This close contact plays an important role in developing understanding among children. The same applies to help care for the baby. The eldest child is not obliged to help you, but if he wants to do something for your baby, do not forbid.

Try to find a compromise. If the older child wants to walk a little longer, linger a little longer. Even if the baby is cranky and wants to go home sometimes and will senior Chad should be taken into account. So the youngest child from infancy is to learn that he is not the only one whose opinion matters.

Praise your older child, put it in an example for the younger. Especially when the youngest is a little older and begin to understand what you say. For example, «Look what brother’s done, all ate», after these words, and the elder will be pleased that his praise and the Junior will try to eat everything to deserve the praise.

Of course, jealousy will be present, but you as a mother must help the child to overcome it. As you can see, it is not difficult.

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