Dandelion tea — the benefits and harms

Чай из одуванчиков - польза и вред

Herbal drinks like many people, they often have a pleasant aroma, unusual taste and help to solve some health problems. About the benefits and dangers of tea from dandelions has been known for many years about this drink we will talk today.

The beneficial properties of the tea from the flowers of dandelion

This plant contains tannins, choline, organic acids, resins, fats, proteins, and inulin. The last substance is a natural probiotic that is used for the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, the use of tea made from dandelions is that, by using it, you can restore the metabolism, and this will help you to lose weight without harm for health. Tannins, resins and organic acids help to improve the digestive process, they can help get rid of diarrhea, but it is worth remembering that the drink cannot be included in your diet for those who suffer from constipation.

Useful properties of dandelion tea is that it helps to eliminate anemia, and even helps to fight against atherosclerosis, as it contains iron and potassium, needed to increase hemoglobin levels and strengthen blood vessels. Experts say that a drink reduces cholesterol, Чай из одуванчиков - польза и вредso it is incredibly useful for men over age 50, they often suffer from such problems.

The presence of vitamin C makes this tea indispensable tool for getting rid of colds and flu, it also can be drink as a preventive means.

It is worth remembering that the experts do not recommend drinking more than 6 tsp of this tea a day, otherwise you may experience stomach problems, as the drink increases the acidity of gastric juice. It is contraindicated and for those who have allergic reactions to the infusion of dandelion.


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