Strawberry «Daiquiri»

Клубничный «Дайкири»

There are many stories told about the invention of this cocktail. According to one version it was invented by a businessman who wanted to bring the sale of rum to a new level. On the other – an ordinary engineer, working near Daiquiri beach, Cuba. And since options were limited, but in abundance, there were rum, lime and cane sugar, they became the main ingredients as a favorite cocktail. Since then many years have passed, the drink is supplemented with ice and fruit and changed depending on geographic location. Now there are several varieties of cocktail, for example, banana, peach or orange. But the most popular is considered the strawberry version.

And if you cook strawberry «Daiquiri» in the winter, he will certainly give you a little summer mood.

Strawberry Daiquiri — cocktail recipe

This cocktail is very popular with the girls, because the lime juice interrupts the taste and smell of alcohol and heft. To prepare Daiquiri better immediately before serving, because its flavor to crushed ice. It’s not necessary to cook it immediately with the chips, because everything is mixed in a blender it is possible to take regular ice cubes or crushed, he crushed in the cooking process.


  • strawberry – 15 EA.;
  • strawberry syrup – 30 ml;
  • white rum — 40 ml;
  • lime – 1 PC.;
  • ice 90


To start, wash and clean the stems from the strawberries, throw it in the blender and replace in sauce. Then there also send the syrup, rum and ice. Squeezing lime juice into a saucer, dipping back edge of the glass flow, and then into sugar. It turns a beautiful edge, the rest of the juice also pour into a blender and whisk it all actively. Ice will baby, which will mix with the remaining ingredients, and will remind delicious strawberry snow.

Recipe non alcoholic strawberry Daiquiri»

To prepare the cocktail not only with fresh strawberries, but frozen, then it will replace part of the ice or even save in a situation when ice was not at all at hand.


  • strawberries – 150 g;
  • grenadine syrup – 20 ml;
  • lemon juice — 30 ml
  • mint – 2 is the apex of the twigs;
  • Клубничный «Дайкири»

  • sprite or soda water – 70 ml;
  • ice – 120 g


Before cooking is necessary to cool the glass, so either put it in the freezer or fill with ice. All the ingredients, but one of the sprigs of mint and one of strawberries, put into blender and grind until smooth puree. Design is very important for this cocktail, so we use mint and strawberries to decorate the glass can also be garnished with a slice of lime or lemon and don’t forget about umbrellas and straws.


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