Strawberries while breastfeeding

Клубника при грудном вскармливанииJuicy and ripe strawberries is the object of desire of a huge number of adults and children. Many women, including expectant and nursing mothers, eagerly await the onset of summer season, enough to nalcomis this delicious berry. Meanwhile, during the period of breastfeeding your diet should be treated with caution, since some products are in such a situation may cause harm a newborn baby.

In this article we will tell you, can I eat strawberries while breastfeeding, or from the use of this sweet berries should be discarded until the completion of lactation.

Can I eat strawberries while breastfeeding?

Strawberry is one of the most powerful food allergens due to the presence of pigment its fruits red. That is why many women are afraid to eat the berries in the period of breastfeeding. Meanwhile, it should be understood that the body of each adult and child individually, and there is no reason to believe that your baby will experience an allergic reaction after eating the treats.

Experts advise to begin to eat strawberries while breastfeeding no earlier than a baby reaches the age of 1.5 months. While nursing mother may eat just one berry, and then during the day she is required to observe the condition of the baby. If no unpleasant symptoms for 24 hours the baby does not appear, you can gradually increase the amount of strawberries 250 grams per day.

To unsubscribe from this fruit, in the absence of allergies is just silly, because it is very rich in many vitamins and important minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iodine, iron, and folic acid. All these substances are very useful for the proper and full development of the baby, and enhance the circulatory system and maintain immunity of a young mother, so strawberries during lactation in the absence of Allergy is not only possible, but necessary.

Клубника при грудном вскармливанииMeanwhile, the choice of this fruit in the feeding of a baby should be treated with the utmost care. So, you should not buy strawberries imported production, which today is sold in hypermarkets at any time of the year — it contains in its composition of nitrates that have a negative effect on the body crumbs.

In summer eat berries that are grown in your region, and in winter it is better to give preference to the product, frozen in the season. In particular, you can prepare and freeze in the freezer not only berries, but also, for example, even vareniki with strawberries, and then safely eat them while breastfeeding.


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