What is necessary to protect children?

От чего надо защищать детей?June 1 is annually celebrated an important holiday – the Day of protection of children. Most parents look forward to that day, preparing their kids nice gifts and attend numerous entertainment events. Meanwhile, few people think, why this festival received this name, and what you need to protect children today, in 2016.

What is necessary to protect children 1 June?

In fact, not only June 1, but throughout life children need to be protected from the effects of a dysfunctional environment. Today, all the kids, since a very early age, spend a lot of time in front of the TV or computer monitor.

In various video games, movies and even cartoons are often shown scenes of violence or aggressive behavior of the characters, which can negatively affect the mental condition of the child and be a bad example. To prevent this from happening, moms and dads need to monitor very carefully what their child enjoys, and to prevent uncontrolled watching TV, movies and other entertainment programs.

In addition, in today’s world kids often face physical or psychological violence in schools and other educational institutions. This is one of the most challenging, and often the child cannot cope with it unaided. Meanwhile, illegal actions on the part of the teachers in any case cannot be ignored. Parents, learn about infringement of the rights of the offspring in school, must do everything possible to achieve justice and punish the perpetrators.

In adolescence the child’s life becomes even more complicated. A young man or girl can not cope with their emotions and starts to treat everything with a large grain of salt. The majority of parents in this difficult period completely lose the confidence of your child because they do not know how to properly behave. Teen suspended from mom and dad, and as a result is often under the influence of bad company, who introduces him to alcohol and drugs. Very often one or two attempts to try illegal substances is enough to have a strong dependence. Of course, to protect their child from it can be very difficult, but it should be a top priority for parents in the period of passing with their heavy puberty.

Finally, in some cases, moms and dads have to protect your son or daughter from themselves. От чего надо защищать детей?Sometimes it can be difficult to understand, but often we are the cause of the formation of the wrong behavior of the child and violations of his psyche. In particular, some parents can afford to beat and punish children even for the most innocent of misconduct, without understanding that he is behaving so because of age differences.

The question what is necessary to protect children, is a very complex and deeply philosophical. In fact, families in which every child is surrounded by love and care, do not face the problem of protecting their offspring on 1 June or on any other day. Love your kids and do everything that depends on you, so they can live in peace and harmony with others.


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