Embroidery pattern beads with full and partial sewing: the technique and scheme

Any woman in addition to things around the house definitely has a hobby: growing plants, drawing, music, collecting, sewing. Create pictures from beads with their hands is one of the popular pastimes that not only leaves behind a beautiful picture, but also soothes, develops motor skills of hands, a distraction from everyday problems.

How to embroider with beads

Learn the art of embroidery can every girl would wish. There are plenty of tutorials and master classes, where you explain in detail how to embroider with beads. You just have to purchase all the necessary tools and materials:

  • outline;
  • needle without thickening;
  • transparent thin filament (it is better to choose Dacron or monofilament);
  • scissors;
  • beads of different colors.

Embroidery pattern beads should occur in stages, to read a lot of threads with a length of not more than 40 cm So you don’t get stuck at the initial stage and will master a new technology. For a more comfortable embroidery is to purchase embroidery or special machine to pull the fabric or cloth. If the basis is less, then you can sew around the perimeter of extra fabric to canvas for your pictures safely stretched. It is advisable to lay on the working area a light cloth or paper to accidentally spilled beads it is easy to find.

Types of stitches

There are many different types of joints that are ideal for creating a variety of patterns, sizes beads. If you decide to start training this skill, you should go from the easiest to hardest to get your fingers used to such hard work and remember all the basic techniques. The beads can be made a few basic stitches:

  • forward needle;
  • lowercase;
  • stalked;
  • arch.

Embroidery techniques

The simplest form of a seam «forward a needle». From the side it looks like a dotted line. Use boot a needle with the wrong side on the front, string a bead and then go on the wrong side. Stitch length should be equal to the length of the bead, to avoid puckering the fabric or voids between the beads. Back off half a millimeter and once again thread the needle on the front side. Make it vertical or horizontal – does not matter.

Horizontal seam involves one bead on each stitch. On the reverse side it will look like a smooth line drawn with a ruler. Beading is sewn tightly to one another than in the previous version. Thread the needle on the front side, attach the beads and thread a needle on the wrong side in the opposite direction. For the new stitch back exactly what takes place one bead, repeat the steps. This technique of embroidery with beads is somewhat more complicated than the previous but looks great.

If you want to master the stalk stitch, this is no big deal. The difference from line only that you should start from the front side. Slip the beads onto the needle and insert it from the front inside out, back off a distance equal to the size of the beads in the opposite direction and thread a needle on the front side so that she again went through the bead. From the inside this seam will look like a dotted line, but beads attached to the base prikra than in the seam «forward needle.»

Arched seam suitable for sewing large space a major element of the painting by sewing several of the beads. String one or several beads on the needle and sew to the base need only one. The technique is the same as the stalk of the seam. Painting beads will not be so hard, as if to sew each bead to the base, so keep that in mind. To fill in this way the angle or draw a frame around the perimeter will be much easier and faster. Secure the seam can be a familiar way for you, as long as it is not sold, so that the ends of the strands cut neatly.

Kits for embroidery with beads

Arriving at the craft store, you will be surprised how wide a selection of ready-made kits for embroidery with beads you can buy. Absolutely for every taste! Kit includes the canvas with a picture-scheme, thread, needles and beads of necessary colors. Some kits for embroidery with beads can be with embroidery, sequins for decoration and other extra accessories.

How to choose Foundation

The basis for the embroidery pattern beads can be almost any fabric or even leather, but should pay attention to her choice, because not all materials are easy to work. For beginners the best fit natural linen. It is very dense, the fibers in the cage, because it is suited to such work, it does not slip. This can be attributed to cotton, but it will be somewhat thinner than linen. It all depends on what size are the beads, because you don’t want to end up with your picture is deformed under their weight.

Quilters often use a framework for a silk or even satin, but this fabric is very difficult to machine, because it is constantly uskolzaet from the hands, thin and easy to spoil. So for learning the technique of embroidery with beads, it is better to choose something simpler, and then you can improve your skills. Please note that picture after work it is not recommended to wash, so the base must be not brand.

The choice of beads

To select the beads – not an easy task, because so many sizes, shapes, colors, and manufacturers. However, the industry recovered from this wide range of Czech beads under the brands PRECIOSA, ORNELA (JABLONEX) or Japanese TOHO, and Matsuno. The beads are really nice, excellent quality, marriage hardly comes across, which is very important during this hard work, like embroidery paintings beads.

Who would think that all beads are essentially the same, but the differences are so that price is of paramount importance. More expensive beads have special strength, you eat your embroidered picture, whether landscape, still life or the icon will not lose its juiciness. This quality can hardly boast of other manufacturers of beads. With Chinese beads will work very hard for their calibration, and defective beads.

The scheme for embroidery with beads

If you have no imagination, and you really can’t figure out what to embroider, in shops or the Internet you can buy ready-made scheme for embroidery pattern beads, which will be shown not only drawing, but also specify the required number of beads of each color, the order of execution of work and so on. It is very convenient for those who are just beginning to learn a new process. Scheme sold completely different colors and sizes, designs, icons, photographs, so you will definitely find something to your taste from the offered directory.

For those who don’t want to be like other, there is another way: just find any image and drag it onto the canvas using carbon paper. Such work takes a lot of time, selection of beads by color more, but the result will be unique. These masters can paint portraits from photographs, and this picture will occupy the pride of place in any home. Beautiful panels or beaded embroidered picture handmade is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Video: beading for beginners

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