All about the combination of colors and shades in the clothes

Choose clothes that will emphasize all the charm of the female figure, that’s not all! The main criterion is the selection of the right colors. It is this criterion which decides whether an outfit spectacular or tasteless, vulgar, or Flirty, and whether it will emphasize the dignity.

Все о сочетании цветов и оттенков в одежде

There are three ways of combinations:

  • As the primary selected single color. Used it and variations of its different shades. The result depends on how many shades of used. The more shades, the more effective the result. If a basis to take the blue color, you can combine it with shades of blue, ultramarine or heaven.
  • The basis of the second approach is three colors: white, all shades of gray and black. They are considered neutral, so you can combine them with any other color. It is possible to choose a dress or any other clothing of neutral color, and add bright accessories (bright belt, scarf, beads).
  • Contrasting combination of colors. This method is the most complex and accounts for it in taste brave, creative individuals who are not afraid to experiment.
  • The combination of colors and shades are divided into three pairs: blue and orange, green and red, purple and yellow. In addition to these approaches there are several features on the combination of colors in clothing. It is not recommended to attire to combine more than three colors comparable. 75% is a main color, and the remaining two colors is given 10% and 15%. Each color has cool and warm shades, so cool colors should be matched with only cold and warm shades with warm. It is impossible to achieve effective image, dressed in the outfit of one color, you need to combine at least two colors. And the last rule, the lower part of the dress should never be brighter than the top.

    Selecting and combining one or the other color should always be guided by the sensations of comfort colors, the suitability of the color to the type of appearance or does not fit.

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