How to make a difficult choice, if you are in doubt

Difficult to take the important step and do something you never did. Holds fear of the unknown, fear that the choice will be wrong that you will ruin her life or become an object of ridicule. Fear is a protective reaction of the body, protecting humans from dangers, but at the same time it is an obstacle that stands in the way to the dream. To overcome concerns, there is a simple psychological technique that you can use from the comfort of home.

Как сделать трудный выбор, если вы сомневаетесь

A letter from the future

Take a piece of paper and on top write your name. Think about the important decision that you have to either accept or reject. Think about how your life will change in the next 12 months, if you still mind. Think of all the advantages and disadvantages, calculate how much effort you have to invest. Imagine all the details of how it will look your future life: what kind of people will be there, how much money you will have available where you live and what to do.

Once you mentally draw the image of your future, pick up a pencil and write myself a letter — a letter from the future. Tell me, how are you doing, what you like and what bothers. What difficulties did you face and how you managed to overcome them. Describe how your life has changed, and thank myself for finally decided to do it. Once done, fold the paper and hide it away.

Another letter from the future

Now imagine that you made a different decision, and your life went a different path. What it will be after 12 months? Write yourself another letter of a different future. How are you? Describe everything in detail, seal the letter and also take it away. Describing their lives, talking about the good, the bad, it makes no sense to hide weaknesses or embellish the reality, because except you no one will read.

After a week or two to print both letter and re-read

What thoughts they inspire in you? Happy or sad? You feel proud of yourself for the future? Which scenario do you like more? Now think about it, you still have the fear of the unknown or the future does not seem so frightening? Writing letters from the future is a very useful exercise. It allows you to confront your fears, to calculate the consequences of decisions and to see that the choice that stands before you is actually not so difficult.

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