What is the tile from tiles?

To understand the huge amount of materials to the consumer is sometimes difficult. For example, many rather vague is the idea of different tile from the tile. Whether we are talking about different materials, or is it one and the same products that have two possible names? Will try to find the answer to these questions.

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Tile is a widely used facing material. Is a relatively small ceramic plate, mostly square or rectangular. Tile is often used in the construction industry for interior decoration. They faced surface not only residential, but also public places, such as clinics.


Tile – plates of arbitrary shape, is designed for surface finishing. Are made of different materials. Fragments of tiles, located close to each other to form a single fabric.

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To understand what is the difference between a tile from the tiles, take a look at the classification of coating materials. So «tile» is a General concept. Such products can be carried out in any form and have a diverse design. Tile fragments made of clay, stone, concrete and other materials.

Of all the varieties of such products the most common is ceramic tile. The main component in its composition – clay, which is processed by roasting. As additional material is used, for example, sand or feldspar.

Ceramic tile is different, too. One of its kinds – ceramic, characterized by the density, exceptional strength and resistance to frost. Another variation – tiles. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that even during kneading in the clay mass is introduced, the desired dye. Thanks to chips and fading on the finished plates are not visible, unlike goods, painted only on top.

Tile types of «clinker» and «Cotto» is also ceramic. In the production of coating materials of this type applies extrusion. This technical method consists of forcing a viscous material through a form. Cotto is made of red clay and usually do not poziruyut to preserve the natural color.

And finally, tile. To it is often used common name is ceramic tile, while the other types usually are referred to, respectively, their individual names: clinker, granite, Cotto… In all probability, due to the fact that tile each ceramic tile is the most popular.

What is the difference between tile and tile of other kinds? First of all, that the squares of the tile is covered with glaze. Other tile always has such a decorative layer. Glaze allows you to obtain fragments of different colors, plain or pattern, with any texture. Therefore, another distinctive feature of tiles is the variety of design. In addition, such records are relatively light, which cannot be said about many other types of tiles.

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