What distinguishes the cardigan from the sweater?

Most of us no question what to wear in cool and cloudy weather. Indeed, in every man’s wardrobe, there are a couple of jackets for all occasions. They can throw as going shopping and going to barbecues with friends. However, despite the similar purpose, these things are referred to quite differently. Jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, jumpers, pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts – the list of options is extensive. Many people do not even try to delve into the intricacies of the tailoring and design of the listed items of clothing, using their notation one common word is «jerseys». We will try to understand what distinguishes the cardigan from the sweater.

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Jumper – knitted or crocheted shoulder garment, put on over the head. Is a type of sweater. Has round neck. Sometimes at the top of the clothes there are fasteners in the form of a zipper or buttons. Their length does not exceed 10 cm In most cases, the jumper ends up under the waist line. However, there are models that reach mid-thigh. Sleeve products can be both short and long.


As for the history of the sweaters, then there is this article of clothing in the late nineteenth century. Initially, it was purely sportswear designed for athletes. The term comes from the English word jumper, which means «jumper». In the 20-ies of XX century, the jumper began to treat the category of men’s leisure wear, and in the 50s was recognized as an integral part of the wardrobe of students at elite colleges. At the same time, it became a female fashion, and later – in a business style. Today, the product belongs to the category of clothes for each day.

Sweater – knit shoulder clothes without fasteners. Is worn over the head and has a high contoured neck collar (sometimes laminated). Sleeve length may be different. Usually jerseys are made from cotton, wool, acrylic, cashmere or mohair yarn.


The term is derived from the English verb to sweet, which means «sweat». There is an assumption that the first prototype of a garment appeared during the middle Ages. Then there were the popular black or brown woolen blouse with side slits. However, close to the modern version of the sweater, the product became known only in XIX century in Northern Europe. It was sweaters handmade otshivaem wives of sailors for their spouses. The material was the wool of camels, llamas, yaks, which had water-repellent properties. After all, in long voyages, warm, practical and also rainwear valued at its weight in gold. By the end of the century jerseys are spread around the world, becoming a part of the equipment of professional athletes. In 1910 was established the industrial production of the garment, and after 15 years, he gained popularity among the General population.

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First compare the appearance of the interesting products. Unlike sweaters, sweater has no collar. Characterized by a rounded neckline. At the same time the last article of clothing can be equipped with fasteners top of that the sweater is simply not provided. Length of articles varies. In General they both can go down just below the waist or reach mid-thigh. There are also models to the knee, which is a warm dress.

Another difference sweaters from the sweater is the material. The first is made of wool and knitwear. Accordingly, some models are hard to be quite warm. And if you have short sleeves, they are worn only in clear summer weather. The same sweater is made of wool, due to which has excellent warming properties. In such clothes it is good to stroll through the Park on a cool fall evening. But you can take the thing with you when going camping.

To summarize, what is the difference between jumper and sweater.


Has a rounded neckline
There is a collar

Can have a zipper or buttons in the upper part
Fasteners not provided

Some clothes are made from knit
Made exclusively of wool

Not always a good thing keeps you warm
Optimal for cool weather

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