Не работает яркость в Windows 10

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In this instruction in detail about several ways to fix the situation, when not working brightness adjustment in Windows 10 — not using the button in the notification area, no adjustment in the display settings, no buttons to reduce and increase the brightness, if any, on the laptop keyboard or computer (option not work only when control keys are considered as a separate item at the end of this manual).

In most cases, the inability to adjust the brightness in Windows 10 is associated with driver issues, but not always graphics card: depending on the specific situation, this can be, for example, display driver or chipset (if not disabled the device in device Manager).

Disabled «Generic PnP monitor»

This option causes that the brightness does not work (no adjustment in the notification area and not actively changing the brightness in the display settings, see the screenshot above) more common than others (although to me it seems illogical), but because we’ll start with him.

  • Start the device Manager. To do this, right-click the mouse on the «start» button and select the appropriate context menu item.
  • In the section «Monitors» pay attention to «Generic PnP monitor» (and maybe some other).
  • If the icon of the monitor you will see a small arrow, it means that the device is disabled. Click right mouse button and select «Use».
  • Restart the computer and after that check the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • This problem is common on Lenovo laptops and HP Pavilion, but I’m sure their list is not limited.

    Video card drivers

    The next most frequently reason for not working their brightness controls in Windows 10 — problem with the installed drivers of the graphics card. More specifically, it may be caused by the following items:

    • Installed drivers that Windows 10 has set itself (or from the driver pack). In this case, install the official drivers manually, removing those that are already there. Example for a GeForce given in the article to Install NVIDIA drivers in Windows 10, but other graphics cards will be the same.
    • Driver is not installed Intel HD Graphics. On some laptops with discrete video card and integrated video, Intel installation (preferably from the laptop manufacturer’s website at your model and not from other sources) is necessary for normal operation, including the brightness. In the device Manager, you can not see disconnected or disabled devices.
    • For some reason the video card is disabled in device Manager (as in the case of the monitor, which was described above). The image will not disappear, but its setting will be impossible.

    After done action run the computer to reboot before you test the screen brightness change.

    In any case, I recommend also to go to the settings screen (via the right-click menu on the desktop) Screen — advanced display settings — display adapter Properties and see what video adapter is listed on the tab «Adapter».

    If you see the Microsoft Basic Display Driver, it is either disabled in device Manager the display adapter in device Manager in «View» enable «Show hidden devices», if no problems seen), or in some failure of the drivers. If you do not take into account hardware problem (which is rare).

    Other reasons that may not work brightness control Windows 10

    Usually, the above options is enough to fix the problem with the availability of adjustments brightness in Windows 10. However, there are other options that are less common but occur.

    The chipset drivers

    If you have not installed on your computer, especially the laptop driver chipset official laptop manufacturer’s website, as well as additional drivers of equipment control and power supply, many things (sleep and exit, brightness, hibernate) may not operate properly.

    First and foremost, pay attention to drivers Intel Management Engine Interface, Intel or AMD Chipset driver, drivers, ACPI (not to be confused with AHCI).

    Very often with these drivers it happens that on the website of the manufacturer of the laptop they are older, under the previous OS, but more workable than those that Windows 10 tries to update and updates. In this case, if after installing «old» drivers it works, but after some time stops), I recommend to disable the automatic update of the drivers using the official utility from Microsoft, as described here: How to disable Windows update 10.

    Note: the following paragraph may be applicable not only to TeamViewer and other remote access software to your computer.


    Many people use TeamViewer and if you are one of the users of this software (see Best software for remote computer management), then please note that it can cause unavailability adjustments brightness Windows 10, due to the fact that installs its own drivers for the monitor (shown as Pnp Montor Standard device Manager, but there may be other options), designed to optimize the connection speed.

    In order to exclude this option the cause of the problem, do the following, unless you have that specific driver special monitor, and stated that this is a standard (generic) monitor:

  • Go to device Manager, expand «Monitors» and click on the monitor, right-click, select «Update driver software».
  • Select «Perform driver search on this computer» — «Select from a list of already installed drivers, and then you from a compatible device, select the «Generic PnP monitor»
  • Install the driver and restart the computer.
  • I admit that a similar situation may be not only with TeamViewer and other similar programs if you use them — I recommend checking out.

    Drivers monitor

    With this situation I never knew, but it is theoretically possible that you have some kind of special monitor (probably very cool) that need their own drivers, and with standard not all of its functions work.

    If the like what is, in fact, install the drivers for your monitor from official website manufacturer or from the disk included in the package.

    What to do if not working keys adjust the brightness on the keyboard

    If you adjust the brightness in Windows settings of 10 are working properly, but the keyboard is designed not for this one, it is almost always the case in the absence of specific manufacturer’s laptop (or smartphone), which is necessary for the operation of these and other function keys in the system.

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    To download such software should from official website manufacturer for your model (if not under Windows 10, use the options for previous OS versions).

    Called these tools in different ways, and sometimes need more than one tool, but several, here are a few examples:

    • HP — HP Software Framework, support Tools HP UEFI HP Power Manager (and it is better to put in General, all of the sections «Solutions» and «Utility – Tools» for your model laptop (for old models you should choose Windows 8 or 7 to the right there were sections of the boot). You can also download a separate package HP Hotkey Support to install (searched on the hp website).
    • Lenovo AIO Hotkey Utility Driver (monoblocks), Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (for laptops).
    • ASUS ATK Hotkey Utility (and preferably ATKACPI).
    • Sony Vaio — Sony Notebook Utilities, sometimes you need the Sony Firmware Extension.
    • Dell utility QuickSet.

    If you have any problems with installation or finding the necessary software for the hotkeys, brightness, and other, search the Internet on «function keys + your model of laptop.

    At this point in time that’s all I can offer about Troubleshooting problems with changing screen brightness in Windows 10. If there are questions — ask in comments, I will try to answer.

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