How did the gloves

Gloves are an essential accessory in the wardrobe of the modern man. They originate from ancient times. In 1922, archaeologists recovered from Tutankhamun’s tomb a pair of gloves, which are shaped like bags. According to historians, the Pharaoh, they ended up as trophies in the battles with the peoples of Asia. At that time they were considered more of a decoration than a piece of clothing. Later the gloves have acquired a completely different look. As Cutlery by the time they did not exist to protect your hands during the meal, to gloves made fingertips.

Как появились перчатки?

In the middle Ages the gloves had a symbolic significance. The sentence was imposed on behalf of gloves of the King. They were used in ceremonies. Glove, as a privileged sign, was given to the knights at the dedication, the bishops of the preparation of dignity, as well as some citizens.

There are very many signs associated with this attribute. When the glove thrown in the face, it meant that the opponent will fight a duel. If the lady gave the gentleman the glove, so it showed him its location.

In the beginning of XI century in Vogue gloves in white cloth. Women wore them as decoration. They were very popular due to the fact that the company was actively developing a glove craft.

A person can be judged depending on what gloves he is wearing: a silk or leather, velvet or brocade, embroidered with gold or with Vaselinum decorated with jewels or buttons.

At the end of the XV century there was a fashion for perfumed gloves. About the same period became popular gloves covering his hands. And they, along with the headdress, symbolizing a good tone. A sign of bad intentions was considered to appear in gloves in Church, at the reception of the king in court or not to remove them when shaking hands.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries mens gloves gradually cease to be relevant, due to the fact that due to the long and lush lace cuffs, they were virtually invisible. But fashion women’s gloves were still thriving.

By the XIX century it was fashionable to wear gloves so-called «exit». They were long (to the elbow), cotton, with woven pattern, without fingertips and effectively look in combination with formal outfits. Fashion has returned and is on gloves for men, but they have appreciated the brevity and the material from which they are made.

Today gloves are at all. Gloves for men, basically, made of pig skin, and for women sheepskin.

Gloves emphasize the individual style, if they are to choose the right clothing. Importantly, do not forget about the proper care of them. To do this in the store you can buy means to care for the gloves. In this case, you must consider the material from which they are made, as each type of fabric has its own characteristics. For example, to wash leather gloves in automatic the car is strictly prohibited, hand wash allowed. After which they must be rinsed in cold water and add a few drops of glycerin.

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