Useful tips on cosmetic repairs in the apartment

Nothing lasts forever, especially when it comes to the housing problem: the Wallpaper over time, lose their color and begin to crack, the linoleum on the floor has long been outdated, or maybe just want some variety. Of course, some hire a team of experienced workers who for a few days will bring the apartment in order, but in order to save you can personally make a repair. Even a beginner will be able to cope with the task.

Полезные советы по косметическому ремонту в квартире

Prepare wall

Preparing the walls is the most important step in cosmetic repair, if the decision was made to purchase the new Wallpaper. Of course, you need to remove old and worn Wallpaper. Many believe that the task can be done easily, but in reality it may be otherwise. First, try to pull the product around the corner at the top. Some of the pieces that are «tightly» glued to the wall, it is necessary to moisten with enough water and wait until the product is melted, then the particles will be removed without any difficulty. If the same situation even with water not soluble, you can go to the nearest supermarket and buy a special liquid softening Wallpaper.

Removing the surface, it is best to use a spatula or scraper — these products are the perfect companions in the cosmetic repair of the apartment. Finally, the Wallpaper removed and now should carefully inspect the walls for cracks, and you can then prepare the primer and putty.

Reconstruction of ceiling

The ceiling is made of concrete previously sealed with Wallpaper, is treated on the same principle as the walls. Special attention should be paid to those who are going to paint the ceiling in white color: it is best to carefully luted the entire surface, so that in the future, some places are not formed in the form of stains on the Wallpaper! To get rid of the whitewash on the ceiling you should apply a special soap solution, and only after some time, start to wash with water.

Old floors like new

If the floor is linoleum, the material is easy to remove with a knife and claw hammer. For a start, we perform small-sized incisions with a knife and then using a crowbar, carefully lift the linoleum. Then, with particular zeal to rinse the surface to prevent the formation of lumps of mud, as well as to eliminate fine particles. At this stage it is necessary to show special diligence, as thanks to the careful cleaning and removal of all unnecessary elements and dirt can achieve a uniform coating.

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