Robot lawn mower: simplify life

Appeared a few years ago, robotic lawn mowers is not yet sufficiently widespread. The reason is not only high price, but in ignorance of all the benefits.

Робот-газонокосилка: упрощаем жизнь


The end of routine work mowing the lawn

To have a beautiful lawn, you must mow it regularly. This chore is tedious and gets old quickly.

The main advantage of robot lawn mower: it does all the work for you! It is not necessary for him to observe and take charge. It saves your time and comfort. Can it be compared with a washing machine. We can wash by hand, but prefer to do it in the car — easier and better.

Unlike you, the robot works every day: this regular nail tips grass lawn adds to the density and beauty.

Other notable advantages: saving space, very quiet operation on lithium battery (the neighbors will thank you!) And no exhaust emissions…

A robotic mower does not have a reservoir for the grass clippings and you won’t have to empty it. Another work less. The robot is so finely chops the grass, with frequent mowing, that she’s staying on the pitch is converted into green fertilizer for your lawn.

If your lawn is uneven or the slope, in contrast to the classical lawn mowers, blades are «scraped» these irregularities, the robot will cope — it is very maneuverable.

Protection from thieves is also provided — personal PIN.

Like all electric lawn mowers, lawn mower-robot requires minimal maintenance. Inspect the cutting blades should remain sharp. Replacement can be done without the use of tools. From time to time it is necessary to clean the grass on the wheels and chassis.

If you have a lawn and his hair is not your hobby or unloading after a working day, if the lawn has to look after the woman, the purchase of robot mower is for you just need.

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