How to make a bookmark out of felt

Bookmark for books – something that is vital for all book lovers. Someone specifically buys bookmarks in stationery shops, someone is using all of that comes under the hand – cards, receipts, pages from notebooks. However, many are doing their own hands: first, it is always nice to open the book with this bookmark, and secondly, it is a wonderful gift, and third, they are made pretty simple, you can use any materials, including felt.

Как сделать закладку для книги из фетра

You will need

  • — felt of different colors, including red and green
  • — red embroidery floss
  • — black thread
  • — black beads
  • — needle for floss
  • — needle for beads
  • cyanoacrylate
  • — scissors
  • — line
  • pencil
  • paper


1. Take your sheets of felt in two different colors (in this example we used yellow and orange felt). Cut each sheet the band size 20х5 see the size of the bookmark can be changed at your discretion, depending on the size of the book.

2. Stitch the strip of felt red embroidery thread stitch overlock seam. This seam will look spectacular on the future of the product.

3. Next, you need to determine the picture that will be on your tab. So, in this example, the bookmark will be bright and summer – it depicts strawberries. Now you need to make a pattern of the future drawing. Unable to find a suitable image online and print it out or redraw. But since the strawberries to portray fairly easy, you can pencil to draw it right on paper. First sketch is very berry, and only then, separately from the fruit, the tiles to be drawn. Strawberry on the tab may be different sizes, so the patterns will be a few. When you cut the drawing with scissors can correct all imperfections in the pattern.

4. Attach the pattern to the felt berries red and circle with a pencil. If the pencil does not leave marks on the felt, you can use the knob – it will be the wrong side of the picture, so the black outline will not be visible. Cut berries. Also make leaves from green felt.

5. Take black seed beads, black thread and a suitable needle and sew the seeds to the berry. Seeds should be from the other side, where no traces of pen or pencil. It is better to sew the beads with double thread so it is not broke, when you use the bookmark.

6. Mark the song on your tab from the berries and leaves, and only then glue the pattern by using the second adhesive. Please fasten berries, then the leaves. It is important to see that the glue did not get on the outside of the picture. You can also sew the berries, but since details are mostly small, it is advisable to use glue. If you still want to sew the pattern, then it must be done before you sew the sides of the bookmark.

7. After you have pasted the details, you can gently iron the product through the fabric. And the bookmark is ready, read it with a pleasure!

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