What diseases the child will not take to summer camp

In our country, more than 45 thousand health summer camps for kids. Every year they spend the summer in almost 8 million students. Before some serious disease was a strict contraindication for a trip to summer camp. Today the situation has changed. What diseases were excluded from the list of contraindications, and with what diseases in the camp of the child just will not take, will tell in our article.

Детский лагерь

Not long ago, the full contraindication to stay in the children’s camp was the presence of any malignant disease. Today the child and parents may be denied only under the condition that at the time of the scheduled tour, the child receives treatment, that is chemotherapy.

Absolute contraindication a couple of years ago was, for example, epilepsy. Now, if the child has not been registered epileptic seizures for six months, to refuse admission to the camp you have no right.

The same is the case with children suffering from tuberculosis. Today can deny only those children who may be contagious to others. For speakers of other forms of tuberculosis camps doors opened.

Early in camp did not take children with serious illnesses, chronic character, such as diabetes, asthma and the like. Today in this direction there are also changes in the direction of easing. Children whose disease is in remission, a visit to the camp is allowed.

Of course, all these assumptions are possible only if the camp has all the necessary medicines and medical staff. Often that is becomes a problem. Nurses rarely agree on such seasonal work.

Under the new rules allowed the support of a child is one of parents, these assumptions can successfully take advantage of today. That’s pretty important, especially for children suffering from cerebral palsy, and wheelchair users.

Strict contraindication to visit the children’s camp are any infectious and parasitic diseases, such as chickenpox, various intestinal infections, diphtheria, head lice, scabies and the like.

But the lack of vaccinations is not a contraindication for the trip to camp. However, in this case, the responsibility would lie on parents who refused vaccination for their child.

As for the order of registration of a child in the camp, nothing has changed here. A medical certificate must be obtained not later than 3 days prior to arrival. And this will need to pass some tests and undergo a medical examination in the clinic.

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