International chess day

Международный день шахмат

Chess is one of the most ancient and widespread games in the world. A huge number of people throughout the world are playing chess at an Amateur and professional level. Even greater popularization of this sport on the international day of chess.

The history of chess

Precursor of modern chess is considered as the ancient Indian game Chaturanga, which, according to historians and archaeologists, people began to play in the V century of our era. The name chess comes from Persian phrase Shah Mat, which means «ruler died.»

Later Chaturanga was modified into a modern game with figures on a field, consisting of 64 squares in black and white colour. The game involves two players, each of which controls 16 pieces. All the figures have their own characteristics in the direction of progress and the values on the field. The player’s task is «murder» (a move that destroys the figure) king of the enemy while maintaining its own on the playing field. This position is called «checkmate», and the course of preceding and pose a direct threat to the king, – «Shah».

When is the international day of chess?

The world day of chess is celebrated at the initiative of the International chess Federation (FIDE) since 1966. This holiday is celebrated annually on July 20 and all the events held in his honor, aims to spread the game and its promotion around the world. On this day in many countries held chess tournaments of different levels, awards are given to distinguished personalities of the sport, in schools and institutions of further education open chess clubs and organise various activities based on this highly intellectual game.


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