Lactase deficiency in infants symptoms

Лактазная недостаточность у грудничка - симптомыAs you know, the main component of breast milk is the sugar lactose. In nature it is found only in milk from mammals, with the greatest concentration in the milk of man.

Once in the digestive tract, the large molecule of lactose is split by the enzyme lactase into glucose and galactose. That glucose is the main energy source for metabolic processes in the human body. Galactose, in turn, becomes, so to speak, part of galactolipids, which are necessary for normal development of the Central nervous system.

Quite often in infants can be observed, the so-called lactase deficiency, the symptoms of which I know not all breastfeeding moms. Let’s take a closer look at this violation, calling it the main causes and ways of manifestation.

What are the causes of lactase deficiency?

Before calling the main symptoms, the presence of which the mother will easily be able to find a violation, it is necessary to talk about the causes of such disease.

So, depending on the reasons it decided to allocate primary and secondary Lactasoy failure. The primary form of abuse takes place in the case when the cells located on the surface of the small intestine (enterocytes) is normal, however a reduction of enzyme activity of lactase (hypolactasia), or it is completely absent (alactasia).

Secondary form, lactase deficiency develops in the case when damage occurs to the above-mentioned intestinal cells that actually synthesize the enzyme.

Sometimes doctors also allocate this state in which there is an overload of the child’s organism sugar lactose, causing the enzyme lactase is not enough for splitting. At the same time it is produced in normal amount, and the excess lactose is caused by a large amount, the so-called front of the tank of the breast. In such cases, between feedings accumulate a lot of front milk rich in lactose.

What are the signs of lactase deficiency in infants?

As a rule, in most cases, due to the very bright clinical picture of a violation nursing mother almost immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms. If you talk specifically about the symptoms of lactase deficiency in infants, located on the GW, as a rule, it is:

  • Fairly liquid, sometimes with foam and sour smell stool. The acts of defecation can occur as often as 8-10 times per day) and is quite rare, and sometimes absent without stimulating events.
  • A strong concern of the baby during the meal and after breastfeeding.
  • The appearance of bloating. Just after some time after feeding the mother will notice that the midsection of the baby to become larger in size, firm to the touch. When you touch him, baby to become restless, crying.
  • In the strongly pronounced form of violation of baby not gaining weight, sometimes to identify such a form, as hidden lactase deficiency in infants.
  • Frequent and quite abundant regurgitation also can be seen as signs of lactase deficiency in infants in HS.
  • Лактазная недостаточность у грудничка - симптомыIt should be noted that such a violation can be observed in artificial feeding. The major symptoms of lactase insufficiency in this case, in infants, located on WILLOWS, are frequent loose stools with a green tint, skin rash (allergic reaction).

    In most cases to define such a violation as lactase deficiency in infants, mother can his behavior: toddler greedily begins to suckle, but after a few minutes she throws a crying, drawing legs up to her stomach.

    Thus, every nursing mother needs to know what is lactase deficiency in infants in order to seek medical help.


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