Ice cream during pregnancy

Мороженое при беременностиOften during pregnancy, sometimes it is unclear why the woman wants ice cream, but if it is, at this time – not all is known. Let’s try to understand this situation and to give an exhaustive answer to this kind of question.

How useful ice cream for expectant mothers?

First and foremost, the doctors noted the positive effect, which occurs from eating pregnant favorite product. In such cases, the mood and well-being of women is only getting better, which is important while carrying the baby. Therefore, if during pregnancy I want to eat ice cream, a expectant mother must not deny it.

In addition, it should be noted that dairy products are rich in calcium, which is required to build the skeletal system of the baby. Also contains it in sufficient quantity and vitamins, including A, D, E.

What needs to be considered pregnant by eating ice cream?

It must be said that today the manufacture of this product is quite a complex process. In order to reduce costs, most manufacturers replace natural whole dried milk. Besides not without the use of dyes, artificial fillers.

When choosing ice cream pregnant should carefully study its composition and to give preference to that product which has no harmful ingredients listed above, and the basis is natural milk.

During pregnancy ice cream you can eat only in small amounts and not every day. To eat this dessert pregnant, maybe 2-3 times a week. The volume should not exceed 100-150 g.

What harm can cause the ice cream to the health of pregnant women?

First need to say that eating large quantities of cold product may cause spasm of cerebral vessels, which in turn will result in a severe headache.

Мороженое при беременности It should also be noted that eating ice cream can lead to the development of sore throat or pharyngitis. Therefore, pregnant should be careful with this product.

At the same time, the expectant mother must consider the fact that by themselves dairy products increase the process of gassing. It is fraught with development of flatulence. This phenomenon, in turn, can cause an increase in uterine tone. Therefore, the question of the expectant mother regarding whether during pregnancy, in her 3 trimester eating ice cream, doctors say no, and suggest to refrain from its use.


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