Why children paint the whales?

Почему дети рисуют китов?Most children of preschool and school-age children love to draw. But in some cases moms and dads should be particularly vigilant, especially if the subject of the pictures has changed dramatically. Reasons why children paint the whales, there may be several:

  • Recently, they learned from parents, teachers or books about the lives of these majestic animals and decided to work out at their image on paper.
  • The child received the appropriate assignment from the teacher on drawing.
  • Third, the worst option, your son or daughter become a party to a very dangerous group in social network Vkontakte.
  • Why is it necessary to be wary when the children paint the whales?

    By themselves, the large land mammals that live in the water arteries of our planet, are completely harmless. But if the walls of the nursery has plenty of pictures from which you look these animals in all colors and from all angles, it’s time to sound the alarm. Consider why children often draw whales:

  • These inhabitants of the deep sea, sometimes thrusting for no reason on the beach became a symbol for many communities network Vkontakte (for at least a thousand) that promote suicide among adolescents. A real boom, after which their number increased several times, began after the suicide of sixteen-year-old Rina Pelinkovac, a native of Ussuriysk, who voluntarily stepped onto train tracks and died under composition.
  • Parents should be sure to know why it is bad if a child draws a whale. With high probability this symptom of mental distress associated with increased fatigue (children sitting in groups in social networks that use marine mammals as characters mainly at night), listening to psychedelic, Gothic and other dark music, melancholy signs, etc.
  • Почему дети рисуют китов?You must convince the following evidence, why should we worry if a child draws a whale. Community administrators, encouraging kids to suicide, are fluent in psychological techniques, and often pretend to be friends of the student, creating a fake web page of their peers. In the course are neuro-linguistic programming, urban legends about a video that kills (like the movie «the call»), cryptic messages, a sequence number assigned to the group members and signifying the priority of suicide by children, and more. That is why it is very dangerous when your child draws a whale. This is the first call to the fact that the teenager feels alone and alienation, and it is time to talk to him heart to heart.

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