Cherry jam with gelatin for the winter

Варенье из вишни с желатином на зиму

Fans of cherry blanks are particularly welcome jam made with gelatin. This delicacy can be cooked in five minutes a thick, even with a small amount of sugar, it is almost impossible to do without the participation of the gelatin granules.

Jam of cherries with gelatin for the winter — recipe

The result of this recipe will be soft, thick cherry jam. Berries in this blend with tender, flavorful, not too sweet jelly. Be sure to choose for the preparation of blanks quality tested gelatin, otherwise otherwise is jelly jam is simply a compote.


  • cherry fresh – 480 g;
  • the sand is sugar – 160 g;
  • water – 480 ml;
  • gelatin – 1 tbsp with a slide.


For cooking choose fresh cherries, opolaskivaniem it and save the berries from the bones. After that put berry mass in an enamel pot, add sugar, add water, allow the contents to boil on a moderate fire proverjaem for five minutes, stirring occasionally.

Pre-soaked in two tablespoons water and the gelatin granules after swelling, dissolve them in a water bath until dissolved. Pour the obtained gelatinous mass to the hot cooked cherries with a little water and sugar, stirred, warmed up before the first signs of a boil, but do not allow to boil. Immediately pour the workpiece in dry sterile containers, collected from the surface of all foam, kuparinen jam lids that need to pre-boil, and let them cool under a warm blanket.

After complete cooling, the roaming gelatinous cherry jam in a cool and dark place for storage.

Cherry jam «orientation Meeting» with the gelatin

To achieve a more intense flavor of the jam with gelatin can be prepared without adding water. This jam, however, as the previous one, can be called «Five minutes». That’s how much time it will take to boil the berries in the fire.


  • cherry fresh – 950 g;
  • sugar sand – 950 g;
  • gelatin – 40 g


To prepare this cherry jam with gelatin as you can with the bones and getting rid of them. In the latter case, the preparation time of the components would need much more, but the result will be more enjoyable. It is much more convenient to consume the delicacy without fear of damaging your teeth, accidentally biting a bone.

So, opolaskivaniem cherries under running cold water, allow the berries to drain and relieve the desire from the bones. Pour berry weight sugar, pre-mixed in a separate container with a gelatin pellet, and determine the blank into a jam pot. Cover the container lid or to tighten the film and leave in a dark place for eight hours or overnight.

The passage of time have a bowl of cherries on the stove on medium heat and warm, stirring occasionally and removing the foam to a boil. Proverjaem the workpiece on low heat for five minutes, then pour the cherry mixture over dry sterile containers, kuparinen boiled lids and leave under a blanket until completely cooled.

Spicy jam for the winter, cherry gelatin

The originality and the unusual spicy flavor of cherry jam prepared with this recipe exceeds all expectations. The berries with the gelatin, complemented by chocolate and coffee notes create a divine flavor composition that will impress even the pickiest foodies.


  • cherry fresh – 550 g;
  • the sand is sugar – 250 g;
  • citric acid – 1 small pinch;
  • cocoa powder and 1.5 St. spoons;
  • high quality instant coffee – 1-1,5 tbsp.;
  • cherry liqueur or cognac – 25 ml;
  • gelatin – 15 g


Варенье из вишни с желатином на зиму

Washed cherries without bones fall asleep sugar, add other bulk ingredients from the list, namely, add cocoa powder, coffee, citric acid and gelatin granules. Mixed berry mass and leave for a few hours to separate the juice, stirring occasionally.

Now put the pot with the workpiece on the stove and heated, stirring until boiling, after which ovarium, removing the foam for five minutes. Add alcohol, stir, pour boiling procurement of sterile containers and kuparinen clean covers. Store this jam is recommended in the refrigerator or cellar.


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