Honey from pine cones — the benefits and harms

Мед из сосновых шишек - польза и вред

The word «honey» every person has his own associations: someone is a flourishing tree, and someone- flowering meadows or flowering buckwheat. But after hearing about pine honey, simple man in the street must be asking the question, what is that honey, because pine trees are not in bloom?

Connoisseurs of honey it is well known that pine honey «do» bees of sweetish resin. It’s a dark and viscous product with a slight resinous aroma. Honey from pine cones it is possible to obtain without the participation of bees. It is necessary to collect green pine cones, boil them in sugar syrup. What is more in this «honey» from pine cones benefit or harm you need to deal with.

The use of honey from pine cones

Based on clinical studies, the beneficial properties of honey from pine cones. Experts say that pine honey and natural beeswax, and welded by man, is equally useful. Pine gives this product a large amount of potassium, which along with the honey is absorbed by the human body. In addition, it contains vital amino acids. Among these 20 amino acids of experts especially allocate acetylcholine. This amino acid is very important for the normal functioning of the Central nervous system, as with its help, the brain receives nerve impulses. The lack of acetylcholine in the body can lead to the development of serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The beneficial properties of honey from pine cones

Traditional healers and herbalists recommend the use of honey to treat digestive disorders, respiratory diseases, heart medications, normalization of metabolism. Moreover, in folk medicine, there are cases of slow development of a disease such as cancer in people who ate honey from pine cones. Thanks to its essential oils of pine honey strengthens the immune system, treat sore throat, chronic cough, bronchitis Мед из сосновых шишек - польза и вредand pulmonary tuberculosis. It is recommended to use 2 times a day before eating, drinking purified water.

Contraindications honey from pine cones

Any medication has no restrictions for use. Was no exception and honey from the cones. It is strictly forbidden to use for people suffering from alcoholism, as interacting with alcohol, it causes severe poisoning. Not recommended to use this med for elderly people and diabetics, pregnant and nursing women, and people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and liver.


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