Puberty in boys: signs, when it starts and runs

As you Mature, student parents have a lot of questions, some of them about sexual development of their child. Changing not only the behavior and mood, increases mental and physical development. Puberty boys girls occurs at different time for each case is an individual process that begins with intensive growth.

What is puberty

The period from 10 to 16 years – this is a difficult time, when there is a transition age men. It can last less than the specified interval, and ends as suddenly as it began. Physiological changes in the transition to adulthood culminates with the organism’s ability to reproduce, when once a child turns into an adult man. In addition, there are radical changes in the psychology, the worldview, the attitude towards the world. For parents the transition to adulthood is a global problem, to overcome which takes years.

When puberty begins in boys

The answer to the question, how many boys lasts puberty, ambiguous, has its own individual characteristics. Some pupils it begins at 9 years, while others do not feel the first symptoms by 11 years. The restructuring of the adolescent organism starts from 10 years and ends postpubertatne period is closer to 16 years. This transitional state begins with hormonal surge. The boy is not aware of such a change, but for all others they are obvious. Adolescence takes place in several stages – each characteristic of different symptoms.

Physiological signs of sexual maturation

The boy in awkward age of 10 years is growing rapidly in the sky. Mom and dad might notice that its growth increased by 10-12 cm, this is not the limit. The voice starts to break, so sometimes a teenager’s interlocutor is very difficult to know during a telephone conversation. Boys become broader at the shoulders, and the reason that active bone growth, increased muscle mass.

Puberty in boys sexual development supplements, the increased vegetation on the body. Many young men in this difficult period tend to grow a beard to look much older than his years, to attract the attention of girls. The surge of hormones makes the guy nervous and irritable, the instability of the male Central nervous system. In this state, teenager characteristic symptoms of hyperactivity or, conversely, the obvious signs of depression. So the son becomes a man, and adults must accept it.

On the face can appear acne, it is possible the symptoms of acne. This is a temporary phenomenon, which causes discomfort, inner insecurity, and instills an inferiority complex. External change is to add the manifestations of skin pigmentation, increased sweating because of the strengthened work of sebaceous glands. The hair can change its structure, and appear not only in entire body, but especially spicy.

Psychological changes

Transitional age in boys, characterized by increased sensitivity and serious interest in the opposite sex. Now he feels not only emotional, but physical attraction, seeks to achieve the object of desire. So arise the first relationship, there is a girlfriend and ardor. The family is a complete misunderstanding, and the boy could even leave the house.

Puberty is a difficult time when teenage boys consider themselves to be too older and can get into questionable company. They are driven by curiosity and the desire to show himself, his self. However, the lack of life experience leads to enormous problems. The teenager with parents observed steam game: he tries in every way to separate from them, and they return it to the family. The generation gap is obvious, puberty in boys may be somewhat delayed.

What is important to know the parents

  1. Teen-age boys just need to survive, the more this unpleasant phenomenon sooner or later passes. Dad and mom needs to be not just wiser but also to show restraint, loyalty, to keep the family diplomatic relations, not to let their child out of control. One slip and the transition to adulthood can undo adult life.
  2. In the transition to adulthood in adolescent physical and emotional development, and voices is not the only sign of growing up. Productive sperm and rash actions can lead to early fatherhood. To prevent this, adults should talk to the son, to tell him about the principles and aspirations of adults to become role model.
  3. When certain difficulties of puberty in boys is difficult to overcome, it is imperative to take the help of a psychologist, but in any case not to put pressure on the teenager with his authority, experience, totalitarian position. If it fails to find a common language, then this difficult time will go by worried parents for the moment.

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