How to insulate the floor in the attic

To provide a country home feel comfortable living conditions, it is necessary to conduct a full insulation. In particular, the insulation needs and ceiling. But the main problem is that from the residential areas to insulate the ceiling not so easy. Moreover, after placement of the insulating material of the room will be slightly lower. Thus, a better option is to lay insulation on the floor of the attic.

Как утеплить пол на чердаке дома

Preparation of the floor in the attic to insulate

To put insulating material in the attic between the beams must overlap. So if there was already laid the floor have to dismantle the previously used materials. All of the contamination remaining beneath them, as well as cleaned out. Sometimes in the course of these procedures found the cracks that you want to cover with putty or other mortar to significantly reduce heat loss. When such works will be carried out, the floor in the attic additionally should be covered with polyethylene.

The placement of thermal insulation materials

You can now proceed to the installation of the insulator. It is best to use mineral wool because it is environmentally friendly and a high level of fire safety. Plates of mineral wool in preparation for laying should be cut so that they densely entered between the beams. Then there will be cracks through which can flow heat. If you tightly pack mineral wool was not successful, it is necessary to take to the joists with metal brackets, and all the remaining gaps to fill with foam. After laying the insulation plank, another waterproofing layer of polyethylene film. Without waterproofing can not do, because the moisture quickly spoils mineral wool.

Installation of subfloor in the attic

To leave the insulating layer unprotected is impossible. So on top of it must fit into the rough floor. The easiest way to do it if you use a regular wooden Board. In addition, they themselves also can increase the insulation. Then the result of insulation work will be even better.

It is worth Recalling that the insulation of the floor in the attic is designed to improve the indoor climate of the house. The attic remains as cold as before. Use it for winter after the described events will not work. It will have to warm the slopes of the roof itself.

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