How to pour a screed of self-leveling compounds

To ensure smooth and reliable surface for the laying of flooring is not always possible on their own. This process in most cases involves the use of cement-sand mixture, contact with which is not easy. But she’s got a worthy replacement – leveling or self-leveling mixture of polyurethane. It is well suited for the apartment or house because is safe and does not require significant effort.

Как залить стяжку из самовыравнивающей смеси

Floor preparation to pouring the self-leveling mixture

Despite the fact that the solution is self-leveling type is able by itself to take the best position after pouring, the floor is pre-still have to cook. The surface should remain of the old materials. You will also need to get rid of any cracks and large cavities that are present on the floor. You can use ordinary concrete mass. Sometimes conducted pre-rough alignment, if the original elevation is particularly large. Then you will be able to save the mixture.

Pouring self-leveling mixture on the floor

To used solution is better grasped with the surface, the latter is first coated with a primer. For further activities go when the soil is completely dry. Leveling the mixture will be very simple. It is sufficient to pour in the dry part of the required amount of water, following the instructions, and then mix components with a drill attachment or construction mixer.

The solution is filled so that the thickness of the screed in the end was about 3-5 cm Entire area of the floor you must immediately pour a whole, so that after hardening of the material had no seams.

Specially spilled leveling leveling mixture is not necessary. But you still have to handle it with a roller with spikes. Otherwise there is a risk that the structure of ties will be air bubbles that will significantly deteriorate its reliability. You can also go a few times on the layer of self-leveling compounds the usual rule or a Board with a smooth face.

Beginning the finishing work on the screed

A major advantage of a leveling compound is that it cures in two days after pouring. Therefore, it will turn almost immediately to start finishing activities. The screed of levelling compound can be laid any surface, because this design is reliable, maximum smoothness and relatively small weight.

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