How to find the device using the remote control Android

In case of loss or theft of the smartphone or tablet you can try to find your device using Android device Manager It is important that this option has been activated in advance. Only then will you have the ability to track the device on a map.

Можно найти устройство с помощью удаленного управления Android


1. To be able at any moment to find the device using the remote control the Android, pre, activate the option called «Android device Manager». For this you need to on a smartphone or tablet had an active Google account. Check in the settings menu. After that, proceed to the next step.

2. Log in main menu «Google Settings» and select «Security». Go to «Android device Manager», then activate the settings for remote search and request remote lock. Please note that to find the device using the remote control the Android only in the case of open access to geo-data. To do this, scroll down the settings menu and go to «Location» to enable geolocation.

3. After activating the necessary settings to define the location of the device with remote control of Android in several ways. For example, using an Internet browser, log on to the page here you will see the function of displaying the approximate location of the device on the map.

4. Another way is to install a special app to remotely control Android. Here you will need to sign in to your Google account, its login and password. Next, select the desired device from the suggested, then you will be able to track its approximate location on the map. In addition to determining the location of the phone or tablet you will have the ability to remotely lock the device, the horn switch or removing all personal data. Remember that the data about the current location of the device is displayed only for the moment and will not continue.

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